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Portland 400K - Strava left a few miles out again : (

  • 237.5mi
  • 8,195ft
  • 13:21:18
    Moving Time
  • 9,395


  1. Don W.

    And you didn’t stop to see us ! I could have drafted the bus you guys were driving had I known you were in town .

  2. John/Ann Jurczynski/Benoit (tandem)

    Sorry! We thought we might see you out riding. We were doing the event at more than touring pace...so we didn’t have time for refreshments at Wentworth By The Sea ; ). Next time!

  3. Eric Nichols

    "We were doing the event at more than touring pace". Understatement of the day! I followed you guys for 8 miles before all sorts of alarm bells started ringing in my head. Great ride from a legendary tandem team!

  4. John/Ann Jurczynski/Benoit (tandem)

    Thanks Eric! We look forward to riding with you in Nova Scotia next month.