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Daniel Del Piccolo

Portsmouth, United Kingdom
  • 341
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,200.6
    miles Run in 2018
  • 357

South Downs Way 100 - 29th!

Run June 9, 2018
  • 98.8mi
  • 11,254ft
  • 20:31:57
    Moving Time
  • 12:27/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 15,902
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  1. Ross Chaplin
    Ross Chaplin

    Fantastic achievement Dan

  2. Enwezor Nzegwu
    Enwezor Nzegwu

    Amazing achievement mate! Get the chicken in!

  3. Stuart W.
    Stuart W.

    Well done Dan, that's brilliant.

  4. Gavin Dillow
    Gavin Dillow

    Amazing stuff, well done!

  5. Kit Lau
    Kit Lau

    Congratulations Dan, awesome achievement

  6. Pjc   George G.
    Pjc George G.

    Absolutely awesome 😁 Daniel Del Piccolo you are an inspiration

  7. Iain Bareham
    Iain Bareham

    Outstanding run, well done 👏🏼

  8. Adam Chant
    Adam Chant

    Daniel Del Piccolo you legend done well

  9. Sharon Bareham
    Sharon Bareham

    Daniel Del Piccolo many congrats.. fabulous running and fight 💪🏻🤗

  10. simon boreham
    simon boreham

    Awesome Dan, massive kudos, good to see you both early on, absolutely outstanding

  11. Alan Li
    Alan Li

    Awesome work Dan!

  12. Peter G.
    Peter G.

    Woah! The damn crazy fool has only gone and done it! Well done mate, seriously impressive!

  13. Alex Hurrell
    Alex Hurrell

    You did it haha! My hero!

  14. Mat Comer
    Mat Comer

    Amazing and inspiring, very well done for hanging in there & persevering through the tough hours. I understand all of Wiley Coyotes are signing up for next year

  15. Russell Finn
    Russell Finn

    I'm seriously impressed with this. Stellar running. Strava has your moving time within 1 minute of your elapsed time, wow. Mega-Kudos

  16. Bracken Dawson
    Bracken Dawson

    Totes amazeballs!

  17. Paul Mansell
    Paul Mansell

    Epic mate. Well done 👍

  18. Jon I.
    Jon I.

    Awesome stuff Daniel. Different class!!

  19. Alasdair Hunter
    Alasdair Hunter

    Congratulations Dan

  20. Colin  R.
    Colin R.

    Phenomenal dude. Can't wait for the full download.

  21. Matt Brown
    Matt Brown

    Well done guys, great running!

  22.  Geoff Morris IB
    Geoff Morris IB

    chapeau, what position did u come

  23. Matt Cheyney
    Matt Cheyney

    Well done dan. Brilliant running

  24. Michael Coleman
    Michael Coleman

    Amazing achievement, congratulations Dan.

  25. Matibini Matibini
    Matibini Matibini

    its all about the buckle, well done sniffing sub 20 next

  26. Pete Birch
    Pete Birch

    Excellent run Dan, you and Jason are super human

  27. Pete C.
    Pete C.

    Well done mate. This is insane!!!!!!!

  28. Pete C.
    Pete C.

    Order some dominoes!

  29. Daniel Del Piccolo
    Daniel Del Piccolo

    Thanks for the comments all. I might to force a Strava holiday after that one. In pieces. Intervals Monday? ;-)

  30. Al S-M
    Al S-M

    Wow, absolutely incredible

  31. Roger Roolman
    Roger Roolman

    Seriously impressed Dan. Nice one.

  32. Gabrielle Yates
    Gabrielle Yates

    Congratulations Dan. Knew you could do it 👏

  33. Will Meacham
    Will Meacham

    wow - everyone is running 100+ miles now dammit - excellent stuff Dan

  34. Mike H.
    Mike H.

    Wow wow wow. Just searched for this. Sorry for late comment as been away and missed the fun(!). Absolutely brilliant performance and result. Arguably the best thing is you have managed to record as one activity!! Brilliant Daniel. You must be pleased. Inspirational and very well deserved after all your hard work to get to this point. 1,300 miles this year on top of all the experience beforehand. It really has paid off. Be very proud Sir

  35. Tim G.
    Tim G.

    Loving it.

  36. Tim G.
    Tim G.

    Insane finishing pace!


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