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Comrades Down run - ignore Garmin time as suffered a glitch. 10:00:31 - hard particularly given my lack of recent training. Lack of endurance in the second half together with a trip to the medical tent!

  • 54.1mi
  • 3,701ft
  • 9:45:31
    Moving Time
  • 10:48/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,054


  1. Aman Y.


  2. muneesh thakur

    Super run sir👏👏👏

  3. Mike McDonald

    Top Man! What an effort....🙌

  4. Simon Kirk

    Amazing! Take a bow and put your feet up !

  5. Baljit Chohan

    Cheers all - if having a craft IPA is putting your feet up then that’s what I’m doing:)

  6. Juliet T.

    Great job! Fully deserved the rehydration with a beer 🍻

  7. Steve M.

    Great work, that is superb 👏👌

  8. Yashraj R.

    IPA craft is the real medal....way to go sir

  9. Neil B.

    Great work Baljit

  10. Stefan Dumbleton

    Fantastic Baljit

  11. Monica G.

    Fantastic especially bearing in mind your last few weeks. Medical tent sounds a bit serious!

  12. Paul Winwood

    Absolutely awesome achievement Baljit! 👏👏👏

  13. Baljit Chohan

    Cheers Monica/Paul. Max stormed it! Yeah medical tent wasn’t great. I’ve not been feeling well of late and was sick twice en route - they asked me if I wanted to continue and I said I’d try - electrolyte for the dehydration and some pink stuff to help my stomach and I was out again! Felt crap from 40k however but I wasn’t not going to finish!

  14. Carl S.

    Great effort Baljit , well done matey 👍

  15. Akgun Ozsoy

    Great job, congratulations Baljit 👏👏 Very happy for you

  16. Baljit Chohan

    Thanks Carl/Akgun. Tough day at the office but done!

  17. Igor Damjanic

    Wow, tough day and still an really awesome achivement! 👏👏👏

  18. Baljit Chohan

    Thanks Igor - was tough but done! Hope all well with you. B

  19. Suz C.

    Simply Awesome B x

  20. David V.

    You survived it. Really well done. More than can be said of some of the Malta crew!

  21. Baljit Chohan

    I suspect I might get Malta’d at some point this week! Cheers David.

  22. Helen Lane

    OMG. 😮😮 What a run.

  23. Winyoo S.


  24. Peter D.

    Well done Baljit, it’s such a tough race. How are the legs this morning?

  25. Baljit Chohan

    Hi Peter Dimbleby ok actually. Stiff but not hobbling unlike most people at the hotel! Congrats on your back to back run - great performance 👏

  26. Max Mladenovic

    Brilliant effort Baljit! With your injury problems plus being ill I can only imagine how hard you had to dig in to finish the race. Hope you are recovering - I can hardly walk today! What a great event though and we can both wear our medals with pride

  27. Baljit Chohan

    Max thanks - you ran a blinder! Fabulous. Was undertrained and underwell so just glad to have made it through! Beer and curry tonight before flight home tomorrow so a good end to the trip!

  28. Max Mladenovic

    What flight are you on? I'm on the 18:50 to CDG

  29. Max Mladenovic

    Thanks, I felt pretty good all the way round, or at least felt like I was going to make it! I had some rough patches and a lot of pain down Fields hill but was over the moon with my result. I can't post my Strava until I get back.

  30. Baljit Chohan

    I’m on the 18:40 to Dubai and then on to Birmingham. If you’re at the airport same time fancy a beer?

  31. Max Mladenovic

    Definitely. I don't know the airport, can you suggest anywhere to meet?

  32. Baljit Chohan

    I don’t know either - first one to find a bar messages the other on this thread?

  33. Max Mladenovic

    Sounds like a plan. Hopefully see you there

  34. Max Mladenovic

    All gone wrong Baljit! My flights been put back until 2:50 am 😥. Have a good trip back and well done again on getting through the race in such difficult circumstances

  35. Baljit Chohan

    Ouch - safe trip home. Baljit

  36. Dipesh S

    Great effort Baljit!!! :)

  37. Nigel Taylor

    Fantastic! One off the bucket list?

  38. Baljit Chohan

    Thanks Nigel - will try to do the event more justice next year. Back to back will be one off the bucket list!

  39. Nigel Taylor

    Uphill next year! Good luck!