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Bogus to Barrel.- Fresh legs . . . NOT!

  • 18.9mi
  • 1,145ft
  • 1:04:33
    Moving Time
  • 997
  • 124
    Relative Effort


  1. Kam Neth

    Did you get 2nd or 3rd? Nice work!!!

  2. Megan Hamilton

    Nice work!

  3. mike Baughman

    3rd. Got out done in the beer chug at the end. !!! Gotta start cross training!!

  4. Jeff M.

    Wow! Great job. Most expensive beer you ever (didn’t) drink!!!

  5. Jeff M.

    We just watched the Strava flyby. Oh man that was exciting. Next year!!!

  6. Travis Soppe

    Nice work today, showing us how it’s done, Captain Barrel

  7. mike Baughman

    Gonna start my beer chugging training!

  8. Marc Francois B.

    Super impressed!!

  9. Carolyn P.

    Mike - what’s on the Agenda today; an afternoon soak and a nap?!? Cheers!

  10. Taylor Reed

    Solid work!

  11. Frank B.

    Whoa! Impressive