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Superflag Coal Creek loop

  • 55.2mi
  • 5,075ft
  • 3:38:46
    Moving Time
  • 2,362
  • 105
    Relative Effort


  1. Joe H.

    One of my favorites! But I’ve never seen a car or a bike or a train at the top of the dirt...

  2. Adam Lorenz

    All of the people were driving home because the sun was going down

  3. Nate Llerandi

    Great loop. I like doing the CC side first. Will have to try it in reverse.

  4. Adam Lorenz

    There was a lot of loose washboard coming down from Gross Reservoir that would have been way better on a cx bike.

  5. Joe H.

    I dislike going up Coal Creek in traffic and have only done in the up Flagstaff direction. Also figure it is faster going down CCC instead of down Flagstaff

  6. Adam Lorenz

    More or less my thoughts as well