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No Helmet HP Nooner

  • 42.3mi
  • 423ft
  • 2:04:49
    Moving Time
  • 1,713


  1. Abe A.

    Haha nice description! Man that was getting fast! I rode down to the Caps parade and spontaneous decided to check out the HPFC that I’ve heard so much about. I hate helmets!

  2. Abe A.

    I was sooooo happy when I saw you without one, too! Felt like the good old days.

  3. Shell 8.

    We love you Howard. Your brain matters!

  4. Abe A.

    I should qualify... helmets are good. I just don’t like the feeling of wearing one.

  5. Howard Tyndle

    Abe Abl3rider, I'm with you Abe! I'm from the old school, where we didn't wear helmets or there were the hairnet ones. Got to wear them now or you'll here it from your dearest friends (Shell 8 & Pamela Simmonds).