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Swimming against a current is underrated hard. OW @ White Pond while Erin was on the SUP to supervise 😜

  • 1.2mi
  • 40:06
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  1. Colin Martin

    Against what current in a pond?

  2. caitlin martin

    Windy AF!! Erin was on the SUP and was at a stand still.

  3. Karen Tremaine

    I was there yesterday afternoon, that pond was churned up! It can be a tough swim when it’s windy!

  4. caitlin martin

    Ah I wish I had known! Let’s plan to swim soon... I can go early as well... pre work!! & yes, for sure!! Coming back against the wind was so hard !!

  5. Denise Martin

    White pond better than lurking quarry Sylvan, any day πŸ˜‚