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Proving to Goose what a muppet I am... nailed it

  • 27.8km
  • 275m
  • 55:59
    Moving Time
  • 833


  1. Dean Emerson

    Would that have anything to do with the detour up St Helliers Bay road?

  2. Sherpa Andrews

    It would...that was a trip to the workshop

  3. Paul Arnesen

    Oh no, what did you do to the Canyon?

  4. Sherpa Andrews

    Oh god no not the Canyon... the Focus. And just being an amateur. Puncture, didn’t find the glass, punctured again but had left the pump at work. Put the spare in but a 23 in a 28 doesn’t work well and the tyre was well farked so ended up bludging a tube, tyre, gas canister and a pie.

  5. Sherpa Andrews

    Whats your plan for Sunday P1....im keen to give you a two wheeled salute before you go and take on a TDF course that ... & quoting Lance Armstrong “would give Sagan a stiffy”

  6. Paul Arnesen

    4h - 200 tsc - Hill ride

    17/06/18 7:00 am
    4h - 200 tsc - Hill ride
    Select tab

    As many climbs as possible today. No watts to sit to, you are simply riding up and down for the entire ride. This will cause fatigue in the body but really take it easy today, just ride the climbs and enjoy the training. Anything between 4-6h today will be fine. Fuelling is always key.

    Workout goals
    Suggested terrain
    Long climb (10 - 60mins)
    Suggested equipment
    Add comment...

  7. Sherpa Andrews

    Sounds good...im keen!

  8. Paul Arnesen

    Would like that Sherpa Andrews, not sure you know the meaning of easy ride though?
    No more punctures eh!

  9. Sherpa Andrews

    Lol...mate im easing back into it so im positive i’ll be sitting on your wheel. What you thinking...4hrs playing around on Scenic?

  10. Max N.

    You're special Sherp <3

  11. Sherpa Andrews

    Cheers Marmite 👍 Nice to know you had a good laugh about it too.... lol

  12. Paul Arnesen

    Piha, Lone Kauri, Scenic