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First Bogotá run! Really 4, garmin had trouble finding sat

  • 3.8mi
  • 40:52
    Moving Time
  • 10:44/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 513


  1. Segun Jung

    family vacation? 👍

  2. Jung K

    Nope conference! And University paid. Pretty awesome so far

  3. Segun Jung


  4. Mindy Poleski

    How did the altitude feel? Try and get to the touristy but still cool salt mines! Teleférico is worth a quick trip up!

  5. Jung K

    Altitude was hard!! I was surprised by how it affected me. Not sure we’ll make the salt mines :( it’s been amazing and I want to come back. Have you been here Mindy Poleski ?

  6. Mindy Poleski

    Yes. I went to Bogotá once. I lived in Quito for four years, I wasn't a runner yet, but when I would go back and run it was so hard. Bogotá isn't as high, but it's still very high, especially coming from OP!