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Morning Ride

  • 115.5mi
  • 2,907ft
  • 6:55:06
    Moving Time
  • 3,304


  1. Dareck Hawkins

    Michael your rides make my rides look like child's play. Totally in awe brotha.

  2. michael hester

    Thanks Dareck. I just like getting out on long rides to challenge my mind and body.

  3. Dareck Hawkins

    How many days rest do you take after a ride like that?

  4. Steve Tassler

    Awesome ride! I’ve seen some of those signs!

  5. michael hester

    At least two days. I will be back on the bike Saturday.

  6. Merle Kensinger

    Michael that is totally awesome!! Keep up the great work but be safe.

  7. michael hester

    Thanks Merle. We do what we can to be safe, but ultimately we have no control over motorist. It’s all part of the risk we take to do what we love.

  8. Merle Kensinger

    True that Michael. Love to meet you in person one day.

  9. michael hester

    Hey Merle when the weather turns cold I will be heading to Florida. I will definitely let you know when.

  10. Merle Kensinger

    Thanks Michael. Look forward to it.

  11. Merle Kensinger

    By the way great pictures on your timeline!!