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Afternoon Ride - Crash!

  • 22.3km
  • 333m
  • 56:25
    Moving Time
  • 614


  1. Jon Adams

    What do you mean by crash?

  2. Mark Bailey

    Forced into a fence doing 30

  3. Fletcher Blades

    Ouch! You OK? How about the bike?

  4. Mark Bailey

    Knee' s a bit sore, finger too, and a bit of rash on the face. Bike's got a bent hanger.

  5. Mark Bailey

    E-bike stopped dead, mtb swerved to avoid it and went straight into me as I was overtaking forcing me into the fence. That's two bikes out of action now

  6. Jon Adams

    that sux. Was that along the cycle way near Newton? Often a congested and dangerous stretch

  7. Mark Bailey

    Just going onto the causeway before the first bridge.

  8. Phil C

    I got hit by an e-bike on the Newton part about 18 months ago, he just stopped and then went right to bond Street, I bounced off the side and went head on into a tree... Bike OK, finger broken, helmet smashed, face scratched.... He'd been on his bike 1 month.... So I feel your pain....