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First time up: Mt. Elbert Ascent NEW FKT? 07/09/2014 Leadville, CO

  • 4.6mi
  • 4,124ft
  • 1:07:56
    Moving Time
  • 14:36/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,232


  1. Kieran R.
    Kieran R.

    Arh ! Congratulations ! 5 weeks and I'll be in Colorado from Australia ! Very excited !!

  2. Tobes E

    CR booooom!!! Very strong indeed!!!

  3. Curtis McAnally

    That was a sick run! Way to go !

  4. AJ Cohen

    Kilian did it in about 1:08 but Im not sure of the exact time. Krupicka apparently has summited in 1:11 ish. Awesome work sage!

  5. Dom Leste

    congrats sage, chasedown those others FTK's if you have the time ;-)

  6. Zach Luchs

    According to your GPS data, you only hit 14,192ft...about 241ft from the summit.

  7. Sage Canaday

    GPS is not always spot on with altitude. You can take my word or not... but I made it to the summit (14,433').

  8. Sage Canaday

    I also stuck to the trail 100% even though there were some silly little switchbacks up near the top

  9. Bj M.
    Bj M.

    Clearly made it to the top, look at the GPS track itself over the satellite overlay... Nice work Sage the records keep-a-falling!