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08/04/2012 Birmingham, AL ride with Brian

  • 70.6mi
  • 8,117ft
  • 4:36:49
    Moving Time
  • 1,008
  • 173
    Relative Effort


  1. Jacob Tubbs

    3 flats, confrontation with homocidal roid-ragin' gorilla, trail ridin', lost power meter magnet, watermelon stop, and a near miss with a fence on a 40mph descent with a slow leak in a rear tire. Just your normal Brian Toone ride.

  2. Brian Toone

    Ha, yeah, always an adventure! Can you post or send me those pics from Mt Laurel?

  3. Jacob Tubbs

    Yeah, I posted 1 on Fb; I'll email the others to you.

  4. Boris Simmonds

    Why did you decide to ride out towards ross bridge then turn back? Surely brian didn't choose that part of the route ;) ... this sounds a lot like the last climbing ride I joined you on...only slightly more weird. what's the gorilla thing about?

  5. Jacob Tubbs

    This one was less dumb but more weird. Fortunately it didn't require nearly 7 hours to complete.
    I went towards Ross Bridge in expectations of meeting a companion for my journeys, but unfortunately nobody in Ross Bridge has a functioning alarm clock.

    The Gorilla was one of the scarier encounters I've ever had on a bike. Roid raging maniac in a giant SUV was talking on a phone and never saw us as we pulled into a median. I yelled "HEY!" to get his attention; he lost his mind, jumped out of the car (leaving it in the middle of the road), and threatened to kill us both. It was pretty wild.