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east bay skyline national trail hike (bart to bart)

  • 38.9mi
  • 6,284ft
  • 11:15:06
    Moving Time
  • 3,909


  1. Janos R.
    Janos R.

    Did I read that right?!?  You HIKED this?  Today???  WOW!

  2. Jen E.
    jen english

    Yep, I had been thinking about doing this for awhile, but wanted to do it during daylight savings time, and of course when I could commit to an entire (very long) day out hiking. It can be mountain biked most of the way, too, but you have to take the road for about 6 miles somewhere around Fish Ranch I believe.

  3. Janos R.
    Janos R.

    Amazing!  I am super impressed.  I wish I could give you 100 kudos!

  4. Janos R.
    Janos R.

    How did you get your iPhone battery to last that long?  External battery pack?

  5. Jen E.
    jen english

    Yes, I did bring (and need to use) an external battery for the iPhone. I only wish I had also packed some moleskin, so that I would not have been limping along for the last several miles with painful blisters!