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Tim Burdon 🌱

England, UK, England, United Kingdom
  • 14
    Activities in 2019
  • 613.1
    kilometers Ridden in 2019
  • 91

Ride to the Sun (but add bits on to the beginning and end to make it a SIX HUNDRED KM Audax)

Ride June 23, 2018
  • 608.6km
  • 4,825m
  • 24:29:37
    Moving Time
  • 10,228
  • 379
    Relative Effort
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  1. Neil H.
    Neil H.

    Tim, that's just incredible. What an effort. Well done.

  2. Daniel Verry
    Daniel Verry

    Ridiculous. Well done Tim, there needs to be a bigger kudos button...

  3. Christopher Campin
    Christopher Campin

    Absolutely incredible. Very well done Tim

  4. Lee Metcalfe
    Lee Metcalfe

    Overused word but I think that rates an EPIC RIDE

  5. Tim Burdon 🌱
    Tim Burdon 🌱

    Thanks guys. I think I may have broken myself.

  6. Dean Taylor
    Dean Taylor

    Tim a fantastic ride, well done

  7. Becky B.
    Becky B.

    Wow! Please don’t be broken!

  8. Tim Burdon 🌱
    Tim Burdon 🌱

    Cheers Becky, I’m sure I’ll mend with a bit of rest!

  9. Paul Hague
    Paul Hague

    Well done Tim. Great commitment.

  10. Tim Burdon 🌱
    Tim Burdon 🌱

    Cheers Paul, great to ride with you yesterday.


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