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Not so calm on Comly

  • 29.7mi
  • 1,242ft
  • 1:45:07
    Moving Time
  • 948
  • 40
    Suffer Score


  1. Kristen (Itsthajawn) F.
    Kristen (Itsthajawn) F.

    I usually ride longer on Sundays but I didn't feel up to it this morning. I ran 14 miles yesterday morning in some gross ass weather and then spent about 5-6 hours outside in some even hotter weather walking around, running errands all damn afternoon. I also had a beer or three in the evening ;) Thus, I woke up this morning feeling somewhat tired and dehydrated. I ran an easy 3+ miler (recovery) and then hopped on my bike and even at 6AM it was already 100% disgusting out there this morning (78 degrees, 91% humidity and the dew point was 74!) I figured I would just head out and do whatever I felt up to.

    Things were going ok until....right around mile 18 where I came the closest I have ever come to getting hit by a car. It was really really scary. I was on Comly rode, down the street from the NE airport which is a heavy cycling area and though this short stretch does not have an official bike lane, it has a very wide shoulder and is chock full of 'share the road signs.' I was riding straight throw a green light, through an intersection (Thorton Rd) and a car on the intersecting rode on my right basically sped through the light, DID NOT EVEN STOP, turned on a RED LIGHT that as a "No Turn On Red" sign hanging above it and as this was happening I was coming right through the intersection. I quickly looked behind me, saw no cars were behind me, and jumped into the left lane and then the car did the same exact thing and jumped into the left lane with me, came less than a foot away from my tire and then suddenly veered out of my way. I am pretty sure she was on the phone when this happened and I swear to you, when she got in that left lane with me it honestly felt like someone was running me down, like a fucking hit man. After she veered out of my way, she drove a few feet and then stopped to apologize. She actually said the following: "Miss, I am so sorry, are you ok? I am so sorry, I wasn't even paying attention." To which I said, "You weren't paying attention? You're driving a car, and you're not paying attention?? You should be ashamed of yourself, I could have been a kid and you could have killed me!!" I spouted off plenty more from there and she did what she should have: she took it. Eventually we parted ways and I noticed a bright and shiny 'Jesus Saves' sticker on her bumper as she pulled away - yeah, not if he drives like you sweet heart

    Needless to say, after that my zest for riding kind of flattened. It took 3 or 4 miles to shake that off. Between the close encounter and then fact that I had gone through nearly 2 water bottles before I hit 30 miles (heeeeeeeey dehydration!), I took it in.


  2. Derp V.
    Derp Van Der Herp

    Wow. You know what Jesus would do? He'd stop at the Fucking red light.

  3. Kristen (Itsthajawn) F.
    Kristen (Itsthajawn) F.

    Here here, amen brother!

  4. Troy V.
    Troy Vozzella

    That told her, good for you! Glad you weren't injured.