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Red Kite Crossfire Hurricane TT Hill Climb: W Cat3: 1st

  • 18.5mi
  • 1,673ft
  • 1:18:46
    Moving Time
  • 755


  1. Sami L.

    Aren't you afraid you're gonna break Strava with too many QOM's in one activity?

  2. Anne Valta

    Camon! I'm hardly the only person who has QOM's here and there. Today was a good day. Painful but effort-wise to the point :)

  3. Joshua M.

    Hi Anne.. Googled the race profile for Crossfire Hurricane TT and came across your Strava. Been trying to figure out if I should use a road bike or TT bike. Your insight would be awesome! Thanks : )

  4. Anne Valta

    Hi Joshua, I haven't seen anyone use a TT bike. Some people have put aero bars on their road bike though. The first half or so is rolling and fast but the climb is really steep and usually windy. My TT rig does not climb nearly as well as my road bike so I've never thought using anything else. Hope this helps :)

  5. Joshua M.

    Thanks a bunch Anne : )