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Bri Hoopes😊

Orem, Utah
  • 245
    Activities in 2018
  • 8,377.9
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 303

I had big plans for Nebo today, but got destroyed. SO HOT! Went too hard in the beginning. Survival mode! That climb is legit!

Ride July 7, 2018
  • 47.0mi
  • 5,180ft
  • 3:17:49
    Moving Time
  • 1,733
  • 377
    Relative Effort
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  1. Ken Meads
    Ken Meads

    Look at that jersey! Very nice! Who's flagging the ride? Not very nice.

  2. Bri Hoopes😊
    Bri Hoopes😊

    Our tandem rides are flagged which is fine. But it's a bummer it seems to be permanent. Today was the first time I've done nebo on my single. And I love the jersey!!!

  3. Lari T.
    Lari T.

    Ugh- have no idea how you did Nebo today. I am literally obliterated from the heat. I am broken for the rest of the day 😂. Good job for persevering tho- super proud of you!!

  4. Ryan Fish
    Ryan Fish

    Great climb in this heat! Isn’t that ride a butt-kicker? I’m still exhausted from doing it yesterday

  5. Adrienne T.
    Adrienne T.

    Awesome effort!

  6. Bri Hoopes😊
    Bri Hoopes😊

    Yeah, we started way too late. The heat was really brutal! I laid at the top forever, and we bummed off some water from a kind passerby! I know I shouldn't care about the Strava achievements showing up, but if I suffered that bad, I want to see what it got me 😂.

  7. Q. Denise Higgison
    Q. Denise Higgison

    I think there was a problem with strava. My times were all crazy too but have come right now. You're brave going up nebo Saturday. It's gotten really busy.

  8. Bri Hoopes😊
    Bri Hoopes😊

    Lari Todd I could have really used you today 😂! Let's do that beast again soon. At 7am🤪!

  9. Bri Hoopes😊
    Bri Hoopes😊

    Q. Denise Higgison oh, thanks for letting me know! I'm hoping that has what's going on!

  10. Kristy S.
    Kristy S.

    That climb always gets me. Great job!

  11. Lari T.
    Lari T.

    Ehhhh- we would have to start at like 6 am lol!!

  12. Adrienne T.
    Adrienne T.

    My Strava is being weird too...

  13. Bri Hoopes😊
    Bri Hoopes😊

    Good! K, I won't be so bugged! 😂

  14. 64 C.
    64 C.

    The summit was a bit chilly last week. Guess the cool days are gone.

  15. Daniel Stolworthy_MusicManMTB
    Daniel Stolworthy_MusicManMTB

    Yeah, at least 6am with this heat. You two are killer! Dan did 1:46 to the summit? WHAT!? Insane! 🤯🤯🤯 we passed that church parking lot at about noon today finishing out a century and I thought that looked like your jeep but figured you two wouldn't have tackled Nebo today...looks like I was wrong! Way to go!

  16. Rob S.
    Rob S.

    Nice work on the QOMS and cups...solid effort!

  17. Bri Hoopes😊
    Bri Hoopes😊

    Thanks Rob! My biggest hope is that I can squeeze into top 10 all the way to the summit. But after today, not sure I want to hurt that bad😂.

  18. Dan Hoopes
    Dan Hoopes

    Awesome ride with my rocket babe. Congrats on the hardware.

  19. Bri Hoopes😊
    Bri Hoopes😊

    Daniel Stolworthy right!?!? I was so proud of Dan's time! He's a monster! Great PR for the first time on his single!

  20. Nathan Balkman
    Nathan Balkman

    One time i missed the water stop at the camp site and got hest stroke coming back through springville

  21. Dan Hoopes
    Dan Hoopes

    Yeah, Nathan Balkman , that ride is so far away from anything even 3 water bottles aren't enough. Especially on a scorcher like today.

  22. Bri Hoopes😊
    Bri Hoopes😊

    Stoked on my nebo descent time, but never want to do it like that again. Few too many "pucker" moments. Crosswinds are scary. Love the bottom half though. I'm realizing I really don't love the high speeds on the straightaways.

  23. Brian Jones
    Brian Jones

    Wow! In this heat!! Speedy!

  24. Chef Adam :.
    Chef Adam :.

    There's a spring just passed the maple lake turn off on the left. There is another spring on the right after the second Payson lakes turn off.

  25. Bri Hoopes😊
    Bri Hoopes😊

    Chef Adam ::Spry Cycles:: that's good to know! Today we were going for PR's up, and I was going for a PR down. But next time I'll happily stop on the way down!

  26. Nathan Balkman
    Nathan Balkman

    Dan Hoopes its a beast of a ride. You two are freak athletes!

  27. C Koh
    C Koh

    That's too bad your ride got flagged. I can attest you were both blazing fast in that blazing heat when you flew past us. Nice job!


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