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Attempt at race support part 1: road

Ride July 7, 2018
  • 115.4km
  • 3,095m
  • 5:34:24
    Moving Time
  • 2,217
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  1. Matt Bullock

    Amazing ride for a incompetent person 😁

  2. Robert Grass

    The worlds fastest race supporter!

  3. Mali C.

    Emma, you're simply too fast to be a supporter.. 😉

  4. Michael T.

    Emma, will you or did you do a GCN video of your amazing ride at the Maratona? Will you ever consider schooling old farts for that kind of challenge🤪

  5. Sergio Farias

    Apreciada Emma, un gusto escribirte para saludarla y mantener contacto por este meo. Un caluroso saludo!

  6. Nic Smith

    Congrats on your QoM