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Run #2: 2 mile WU + 6 x 400 Intervals + 6 x 200 Recovery + CD

Run July 10, 2018
  • 5.0mi
  • 46:30
    Moving Time
  • 9:15/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 550
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  1. Juanma R.

    I have always thought speed is overrated, but maybe I think so because I’m “slow”?? 🤔

  2. Nick Ferrara

    Nice work💪🏼

  3. Barefoot Teresa

    Juanma Rudy, speed work doesn’t seem to make me any faster. I always wonder if I’m doing it correctly. I think at best it helps me stay status quo - maybe keeps me from getting slower as I age.

  4. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Nick Ferrara!