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Satisfied. Perfect team today.

  • 123.6km
  • 3,516m
  • 3:42:08
    Moving Time
  • 4,058
  • 129
    Relative Effort


  1. josh butler

    Great work Laurens!

  2. Juanjo L.


  3. Harmen Falkena

    Heel goed en slim gekoerst vandaag.

  4. Hugo Martinez

    wtf...so you rode @50kmh the first hour?? that's insane

  5. Keith J.

    Great day, thanks for sharing

  6. GB | Lars Cazander

    Diepe, diepe buiging.

  7. André Tricnaux

    bravo. Très bien couru. Perfect day for you en Bauke. I follow your training and now you collect the result of your work. 

  8. Marty W.

    Amazing ride today!

  9. Andre S.

    Heel Nederland is trips op jou en het Berlin team! Klasse rit!

  10. D. F.

    Perfect day

  11. Ron H.

    Morgen jij???

  12. Cam R.

    Great job guys!


    The Strava peeps appreciate you sharing the ride every day to give us an exact perspective on how hard these climbs are.  Great job today and keep pressing.

  14. Strava A.

    Not all the strava peeps i suspect a few people losing there strava ranking have mixed feelings :-)

  15. Dan Capes

    Well done to yourself & Bauke. As you said a perfect team day :-). Looking forward to watching you over the next few days. You have been fantastic!

  16. Garrito Granito

    Mesteech is gruuts op dich!

  17. 1963/Ernst Braakman

    Super gereden vandaag!Nog één keer de Tourdemalaise oprijden en op naar Paris!!!

  18. Jeff B.

    Always great to see you LTD along with the yellow jersey group. Keep it up! If the Strava peeps are worried about losing their rankings they should see rule #5.

  19. Dirk L.

    Well done, looking good

  20. Greg S.

    Baukes' your nearest rival - kick his ass on the Hautecam!

  21. Gandolfo I.

    He laurens, you are much better than mollema. Go for it!!!!!!

  22. Michell M.

    Well done! Thank you for sharing. I appreciate the statistics

  23. Toon P.

    Wow 100 km/u! Nice!

  24. SUFFERvision .

    Video + telemetry: http://www.suffervision.com/v/5695159920492544

  25. Jason Johnson

    Highest I have seen your heart rate. Must have been a brutal stage!

  26. Goff (BIKE DOCTOR)

    What happened coming down to make your heart rate go up to 202 lol?!

  27. Daan L.

    Wederom klasse!

  28. Chris L.

    Seriously fast start and then 3 massive climbs, how do your legs keep going?
    Keep it your in for a very high finish

  29. Klaas D.

    Goede dag weer , dat word top10 in Parijs !

  30. Dick L.

    Hoop dat de Belkin ploegleiding Bauke en jou toestaan er een mooie onderlinge strijd om de "titel" beste Nederlander van te maken.

  31. Wouter Van Dijk

    Grote klasse! Bedankt voor het delen. Succes morgen!

  32. T1 75 T.

    Wat een beest

  33. Pete B.

    Go Laurens! Top 8 :)

  34. M P.

    Zet hem op , morgen erbij zitten !!

  35. Rob S.

    Fantastische prestatie

  36. Rob S.

    Lauren no. 1

  37. Rob S.

    Lauren no. 1

  38. Jorrit Kortink

    Geen enkele KOM vandaag, dat moet toch tegenvallen ;) mooi werk en mooie ploeg!

  39. josh butler

    Strava rankings help teach the lesson of humility: theres always someone faster and better. If you want a better ranking train harder!

  40. Albertelli Valentino

    now I follow tdf with more interest. thx for sharing

  41. Bethany Spears

    Congrats on the New sponsor!!

  42. Jason Nourse

    Great stuff Laurens go for it

  43. Michel Arres

    Knappe prestatie, morgen nog een keer knalle!

  44. Thijs D.


  45. Antonio Delgado

    Up up up up you go up holy shit

  46. Job van Leeuwen

    Max hr 202?

  47. John Wijenbergh

    snap niet waarom de media zoveel aandacht geven aan Mollema terwijl we nog een top tiener hebben! Chapeau Laurens

  48. 🚴🏽🚴🏽 Floris J.

    Morgen lau-day!

  49. Olivier D.

    Good Job laurens yes you can !ride with the 3 frenchies!let s go laurens!