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23/07/14 Ain't no mountain high enough...

  • 194.3km
  • 8,994m
  • 13:56:24
    Moving Time
  • 6,956


  1. Andy M.

    I couldn't be more impressed Max. You're mad.

  2. Aston .

    If I had 100 kudos', I'd give them all to you, chapeau.

  3. Rob S.


  4. Chris Z.


  5. Ross Hallard

    Mentalist. Well done.

  6. Will F.

    Amazing. Big kudos to you and Jimmy, you both looked very composed throughout!

  7. Carl Farrell - Sussex Revolution VC

    Well done Max, made it look alarmingly easy. An epic achievement, we'll be talking about that for a long time to come! :-)

  8. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Massive! Welcome to the rather exclusive club of finishers.. www.everesting.cc/hall-of-fame Can't wait to see the pics!

  9. Greg Vermersch

    +8000m? How is it even possible? There are some unknown bumps out there...

  10. Todd Hooper | Onyx RT

    Nice one mate!

  11. Neil C.

    Smashed it!

  12. paul miles FFCC LDN

    I hope you didn't stop

  13. Matt N.

    Spot of hill repping?

  14. Simon Klima

    Max, take a bow. Respect.

  15. Angelo Giangregorio

    Grande Max! :)

  16. Adam Tranter


  17. Matthew T.

    holy shit balls, dudeski..very good work!

  18. Annie V.

    Look at that terrain map, way to go Max!

  19. Oliver Wright

    Well done, Max. Feel like I should have stayed for a couple more now! Insane.

  20. Remi Clermont

    Christ on a bike !!!! Incroyable mais vrai

  21. Amritt Flora

    well done max...gives us all something mad to aim for.

  22. Bobby A.

    Unreal Max. Total respect from this side of the pond.

  23. P. Z.

    Well done guys. Mine was in the heat also. Makes it very hard!

  24. Akshay S.

    You sir are insane! Definitely inspired me to keep grinding

  25. Alex B.

    Brilliant. I wish I could do it.

  26. F. J@WBR

    No word to describe this achievement : so 8848 'WOW' should do it, right?  :)

  27. Craig Tregurtha

    Max, I just read your report. Brilliant write-up of a very inspirational ride by you two. Well done! And some awesome photography to go along with it :)

  28. Will I.

    Fantastic article, makes me feel like having a go, truly inspirational!