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Mountains are over! Satisfied with climbing legs. Lets find TT legs now

  • 143.6km
  • 3,697m
  • 4:08:35
    Moving Time
  • 4,464
  • 126
    Suffer Score


  1. Ron H.

    Goed laten zien in de mountains lau

  2. Ian Patchett

    Fantastic! Well done on your KOM's 

  3. travis miller

    Nice job in the mountains!!

  4. Mark S.

    My hero

  5. Jorg K.

    Succes met de TT!

  6. D Pijl

    We hebben je vandaag aangemoedigd met de familie op Côte de Loucrup, mooie rit vandaag

  7. Seth Carenbauer

    Great Job!

  8. Jos de Kind

    Top Laurens

  9. josh butler

    Another strong performance on a tough day, fantastic!

  10. Peter L.

    Great climbing!

  11. James Spears

    Ride hard good luck!

  12. Dan Capes

    Nice ride. The climbing legs were phenomenal! Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you during the TT. Good luck :-)

  13. Javier A.

    Congrats,great tour!

  14. Michael J.

    Awesome climbing Mr LTD. Hope the energy is there for the TT. Congratulations on a very good TDF. Good luck.

  15. Jeroen J.

    Supertour Laurens! Indrukwekkend goed aan t rijden.

  16. Maurice Santman

    The best KOM chaser of the NL... ;)!

  17. Fabian G.

    awsome! watching you is so impressing! go ahead!!!

  18. René R.

    KOM's op de Tourmalet en Hautacam ( full). Dalingsnelheid van 111 km/h!! RESPECT!

  19. Patrick K.

    Nice job!!

  20. Peter B.

    Goeg bezig Laurens!! Ga nog even zo door.

  21. Niclas Lundh

    What a stage! Looking forward to the TT.

  22. Ken Barnes

    great job! all strava are proud of you!

  23. Niels De With

    Top Lau! Ik heb genoten van jou en deze fantastische sport!

  24. Maarten V.

    Top geklommen Laurens!! Knappe 8e plek veroverd :) Hou de vorm vast tot in Parijs!

  25. Andrew Sims Gregarios SC

    I've loved watching you in the Tour....inspirational stuff. Good luck in the TT

  26. Cato Rokne

    Bra jobba Laurens. Bare å gønne på på tempoen på lørdag.

  27. Antonello Villa

    Top Ten Dam

  28. Mike de Wit

    Respect !!!

  29. Roos @.

    110 km per uur dalen!! Bewonderenswaardig.

  30. jeff sparman

    Just for Fun! My friends Son and his friend are in the process of cycling around USA here's his blog

  31. Peter K.

    Fantastic ride Laurens. Well done!!

  32. Ferry Stoffer 🇳🇱

    Super gedaan man!

  33. Matt Revans

    Insane ride! Well done! Good luck on the TT

  34. Rene N.

    Goede voorbereiding in VS. Geweldig gedaan. Succes de laatste dagen van de TDF

  35. Lynn James

    Wow 38 min over 400 watts.. great job!!

  36. Mr D C.

     i always look out for you in the tours and mountains... go man :) hope the Belkin guys get a backer for next season, would be good to see Rabobank back in the mix.

  37. M P.

    Je staat er goed voor vast houden !!!!!

  38. David O.

    Another stunning ride Ten Dam, having a superb tour. Enjoy Paris when u get there in the top 10 of the TDF. Good luck

  39. Jonno de Puit

    Great riding LTD and BM!

  40. Hans S.


  41. Strava A.

    Great ride

  42. Gerrit van den Oudenalder

    Klasse gereden

  43. Marcelino Chamarro Moreno

    Ni un solo km en cabeza, ni un solo ataque... Un tour chupando rueda con Mollema.


    Wow. That heartrate. Thats what makes you pros "goden". Respect.

  45. El G.

    There's like 25 dodgy Tourmalet KOMs and you own them all

  46. mitch beck Ⓥ

    nice KOMs

  47. Gary W.

    Jeez. Big miles, feet and speed.

  48. Andrew D.

    Huge Effort - Well done Champ!

  49. Marcelino Chamarro Moreno

    Ni un solo ataque, ni un kilómetro en cabeza, solo chupar rueda.