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  • 97.0mi
  • 3,365ft
  • 6:59:00
    Moving Time
  • 3,043


  1. Chris Short

    Great job Pete. Looks like a nice route. Did you go to the castle is Warwick? I was thinking about a trip to Stratford on Avon which could take on some of your roads.

  2. Pete Bradbury

    The route was good. I tried to look at the castle but it's a bit hemmed in by buildings - best view is as you cross the river, but I didn't stop. Cycled along the canal towpath for a mile or so at Hatton Locks - 21 in total, although I didn't pass that many.

  3. Pete Bradbury

    I've just been comparing our 2 long rides - although yours was longer, mine was hillier - and I set off earlier when the temp was nice and cool. I used an external phone charger (see Anker pic) which worked well. I wish I'd have mounted my phone on my handlebars, which would have saved getting lost in Warwick and towards Birmingham. I might try following a Strava recorded route next time.

  4. Chris Short

    Knowing I was doing a number of trecks, I splashed out on a Garmin. It's a bit funky and can be really frustrating at times but having a low powered device with a full set of local maps is great. Not sure if you need data for the Strava recorded route.

  5. Pete Bradbury

    The Strava map seems to display even when you've not got a phone signal, so it must store the data locally I think