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South Downs Way: PB 7:47

  • 154.0km
  • 3,213m
  • 7:30:38
    Moving Time
  • 6,034
  • 243
    Suffer Score


  1. Rick E.
    Rick E.

    Very impressive time+average Tom :)

  2. :) M.
    :) M.

    Cheers Rick

  3. James M.
  4. Phillip A.
    Phillip Allen

    Amazing average speed. Would love to have a go at it one day well done.

  5. Dylan A.
    Dylan A.

    Inspiring run, especially with the heat!

  6. Craig M.
    Craig Malkin

    That time has made me feel rather inadequate!!! Top stuff....

  7. :) M.
    :) M.

    It's all relative Craig, took me 14 hours over two days in 2009 and I felt wrecked for a week!  Just got gradually quicker over the three goes since then. 

  8. Craig M.
    Craig Malkin

    There`s hope for me.... I just didn`t realise how tough a ride it would be. Definitely going to do it again - with the knowledge from the weekend...Looking forward to viewing a few more of your epic rides....

  9. Jim B.
    Jim B.

    There can't be many times quicker than that! Surely its a record?!

  10. :) M.
    :) M.

    Now planning a double attempt for 2015 in aid of the Hampshire and IoW air ambulance: https://www.justgiving.com/Toms-South-Downs-Double/

  11. Trevor  R.
    trevor riley

    That sure is going some , amazing !!!'