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Colorado Rapha Gentlemen's Race

  • 173.3km
  • 4,455m
  • 8:07:55
    Moving Time
  • 3,984
  • 242
    Suffer Score


  1. David S.
    David S.

    Wow. Really tough looking!

  2. Samer  K.
    Samer K.

    Wow. Good ride Ben

  3. David W.
    David W.

    How many flats total? Nice riding with you ever so briefly. Looked like you were battling the flat demons

  4. Ben D.
    Ben Delaney

    Six. Plus one tire casing ripped from the bead. Shoulda brought a spare tire... You guys did great. I love Kevin's pic of Allen pushing Robson on Lick Skillet.

  5. David W.
    David W.

    Wait for it as there should be a shot of me walking Lick Skillet. I got off three or four times at least. And when I wasn't walking I was paper boying it. Damn that was tough. Did you see the pic of Milne short roping Michael on Wall Street? He towed him all the way up Switzerland too.