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Chris Shue

McLean, VA
  • 405
    Activities in 2018
  • 9,253.0
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 441


Ride July 27, 2018
  • 101.3mi
  • 10,823ft
  • 6:58:52
    Moving Time
  • 3,699
  • 122
    Relative Effort
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  1. David Hanke
    David Hanke

    3700 calories! Hope you got seconds. Well done.

  2. Colin Kegel
    Colin Kegel

    Fantastic! Would love to join you on this ride, should you go again. Only concern is, what frigging time would I need to wake up?!? Maybe if the start was from Front Royal that would allow some add'l Z's.

  3. David Hanke
    David Hanke

    And single speed?

  4. Chris Shue
    Chris Shue

    David Hanke single speed baby!

  5. David Hanke
    David Hanke

    Really impressive.

  6. The EnthusiGator
    The EnthusiGator

    Such a great area. I miss it immensely.

  7. William  W.
    William W.

    Yeah dude!! Dig your SStyle

  8. Phil Duncan
    Phil Duncan

    I’m convinced you’re one of the crazies. 👏

  9. Chris Shue
    Chris Shue

    Colin Kegel the earlier the better bc the first climb takes you to Dickey Ridge which has killer sunsets - we should definitely do it!

  10. Chris Shue
    Chris Shue

    william westover I just want to be a pittsburgh SS dude when I grow up

  11. Nigel Brockton
    Nigel Brockton

    Almost 50mph on a SS...aero AF 😎

  12. William  W.
    William W.

    You would fit in great around here!! Many SS riders out your way?

  13. Chris Shue
    Chris Shue

    Yeah for sure - lots of ss gravel riders and then a shitton of fixed riders too

  14. William  W.
    William W.


  15. Steve Claeys
    Steve Claeys

    Nice ride, even nicer cobbler

  16. Colin Kegel
    Colin Kegel

    I'm in Chris Shue. Just gotta be a weekend when the wife is off. Sept 22nd or Oct 20th work? If so, I can rally the troops up this way.

  17. John M.
    John M.


  18. Nick C
    Nick C

    Unreal. Strong work Shue!

  19. Lena L.
    Lena L.

    Chris Shue one of the best places to ride. And blackberries. 😋😋

  20. Tom Madrecki
    Tom Madrecki

    What gear ratio on the SS?

  21. Chris Shue
    Chris Shue

    Tom Madrecki still 40x19 from when I raced at GRUSK - need to switch it back to 40x16 for commuting.


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