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Eric Broussard

Houston, TX
  • 132
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,966.0
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 53

#selfie, GOGO, #Longest Ride Challenge, #rideforgarai. My longest ride ever. Beat my prior longest by 20 miles.

Ride July 28, 2018
  • 64.7mi
  • 510ft
  • 4:25:56
    Moving Time
  • 1,645
  • 577
    Relative Effort
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  1. Julie Broussard
    Julie Broussard

    Amazing!! Great job setting your goal and getting it done in this heat 🤗

  2. Christie L.
    Christie L.

    I’m impressed!

  3. Eric Broussard
    Eric Broussard

    Thank you. It was enjoyable until the end. Ha ha ha. Other GO folks have done a lot more. I am not sure how they do it. Better weather than Houston probably helps.

  4. Ellipti - Goat
    Ellipti - Goat

    Great ride!

  5. Eric Broussard
    Eric Broussard

    Thank you! Early wake up call for a a Saturday but wanted to get my longest ride in. Tried to beat the Houston heat, which worked mostly.

  6. Carol Galgano - ElliptiGO & ARC
    Carol Galgano - ElliptiGO & ARC


  7. Eric Broussard
    Eric Broussard

    Thank you!

  8. Lyn Huston
    Lyn Huston

    Big congrats to you!

  9. Eric Broussard
    Eric Broussard

    And to you! 50 miles on the SUB!!!

  10. Clay Whiting
    Clay Whiting

    Way to GO Eric!! Great ride & congrats! #LRC #rideforgarai

  11. Eric Broussard
    Eric Broussard

    I appreciate it Clay. It was your suggestion that got me thinking about it.

  12. Clay Whiting
    Clay Whiting

    Way to commit and get it done! I’m still prepping for mine!

  13. Brad Broussard
    Brad Broussard

    Wow! I am beyond impressed.

  14. Brad Broussard
    Brad Broussard

    I love the 'proof of life' pics. I see you made it all the way to the San Jacinto Monument.

  15. Eric Broussard
    Eric Broussard

    That’s in case I didn’t make it back. There would be proof of the attempt 🙂. And I took a picture right at the metric century length in case I pooped out before getting to the house.

  16. Brad Broussard
    Brad Broussard

    Good thinking.

  17. Nanci Charpentier
    Nanci Charpentier

    Oh boy! That’s impressive. Congrats, Baby Brother! And I am happy with my almost 13 this morning.


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