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Jenny Baker

London, United Kingdom
  • 9
    Activities in 2019
  • 92.7
    miles Ridden in 2019
  • 137

Dunwich Dynamo

Ride July 28, 2018
  • 109.4mi
  • 3,867ft
  • 8:02:09
    Moving Time
  • 3,281
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  1. Hannah C.
    Hannah C.

    Wow !

  2. Ralph Dadswell
    Ralph Dadswell

    We must've been almost bumping in to each other! I was in the finish/beach area from 0500 to 0605.

  3. Jenny Baker
    Jenny Baker

    Amazing! I got there at 5:55am. How did you get home? (I’m still getting home - Long overground journey to avoid any more cycling!)

  4. Ralph Dadswell
    Ralph Dadswell

    I think you now know how I got home. The ride was surprisingly manageable, but I was pleased to finally reach Ipswich station.

  5. Heidi V.
    Heidi V.

    Well done, that's a great achievement!

  6. Jennie Paynter
    Jennie Paynter

    Congratulations Jenny! Amazing endurance!

  7. Ralph Dadswell
    Ralph Dadswell

    I've done the StravaSleuthing. There were three passes. You took a long break at Sudbury and I caught up there. I actually stopped for a few minutes outside the pub/café at the crossroads but didn't go in. You left the pub/café shortly after I had moved on, and within a few miles I missed a right turn. While I was taking a look at Lavenham, you retook the lead by the cunning technique of following the correct course. Then at about 3:30 you stopped (food possibly, or a puncture?) and I went past again. (You then lost GPS for a bit, or forgot to restart?) Finally of course we both in the finish area for a while.

  8. Adrian Reith
    Adrian Reith

    Was great to ride with you again Jenny

  9. Jenny Baker
    Jenny Baker

    Great strava sleuthing Ralph! The 3:30 stop was for a cup of tea. My friend Adrian had the route on his phone which was very helpful at junctions! I think I must have forgotten to restart my garmin at some point as my ride was shorter than everyone else

  10. Jenny Baker
    Jenny Baker

    And you Adrian - you were the perfect cycling companion!


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