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Debi Hazelden HELLS 500 EVERESTING Watsons Bay Sydney, AU @debinz #everesting @hells500

  • 219.1km
  • 9,372m
  • 15:29:06
    Moving Time
  • 7,921


  1. Christy H.

    Woohoo awesome!

  2. Kirsty G.

    Good work Dibi

  3. Michael S.


  4. Jo L.

    Nice!  Love the little elevation diagram.  Meanwhile, you did more than you needed to?  You could have done less!  But either way.......... EPIC!

  5. Spot Anderson Bondi Fit

    U gotta love Strava data ;-)

  6. Tony Golden

    you painted the road red , without council permission ., and I love the saw teeth elevation profile ..

  7. Jonathon Sutton

    Low trophy count for such an effort

  8. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Debs this is such an incredible effort! So stoked to have your name alongside Gemma and Sarah in the hall of fame as our third female to knock off this challenge.. and we say ABOUT TIME! Your ride will inspire many other girls out there! Sensational! www.everesting.cc/hall-of-fame

  9. Andrew Howse


  10. John Van Seters

    Awesome effort Debi ! Well done!

  11. Craig Tregurtha

    Andy, Debs hasn't just inspired the girls! Brilliant effort Debs!!!

  12. Gautam Sridhar

    Simply Sensational!

  13. Sam @ Yarra Valley Manor

    Amazing Deb!!!! Check out my blog post tonight!

  14. Cameron Miller

    Huge fan of your work! Haha

  15. Adam Barker

    Well done.

  16. Al Campbell

    Great stuff. Smallish hill to do it on though. You get dizzy? You stop much?

  17. Robin Weber

    Welcome to the Everest club! Great to have a NSW girl up there! Fantastic effort!!!!

  18. Tony Golden

    Go pro of last lap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha0EmLDbgJM

  19. Rob Milohanic

    Simply magnificent. Congratulations! :)