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The Transfagarasan Highway

  • 74.2mi
  • 6,314ft
  • 5:09:02
    Moving Time
  • 2,467


  1. Patrick Brady

    Very hot day, 40 C. Two killer descents and one amazingly tough climb. I saw four guys on trekking bikes, but not another roadie all day.

  2. nicolas jacops

    is it as good as top gear said it was ? gearing up to ride their previous best road ever , stelvio pass in a months time , but i saw a rern of the show with this road today and am wondering if its one to add on the to do list for next year

  3. Patrick Brady

    Nicolas, watch for issue 15 of peloton. That's where I give my verdict.

  4. nicolas jacops

    Allready saw you were publishing it in part 15 , i was wondering if you allready give a small insight as a teaser ... looking forward to part 15

  5. Patrick Brady

    It's a great road. Well worth doing.