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West Maui Loop and a stop at every fruit stand along the way

  • 71.3mi
  • 4,108ft
  • 4:26:54
    Moving Time
  • 2,727


  1. Lance French

    Miss that banana nut bread and mango butter!

  2. Robert Welch

    Awesome Jennifer. I've driven it many times but never ridden it. Very cool.

  3. David T.
    David T.

    such a nice ride!

  4. Terry M.
    Terry M.

    Impossible to fail on this ride. ;-)

  5. Cosmo Catalano

    tried it last winter but the road was broken.

  6. Darren Aliga

    Jealous... Enjoy the views!!!!

  7. David W.
    David W.

    Oh I Love that place.

  8. Ian L.
    Ian L.

    Very nice!

  9. Angelo Perretta

    VSEW very strong exotic woman

  10. Tara Fuller

    I love that!

  11. Charles "Chuck" S.
    Charles "Chuck" S.

    Awesome I would love to go there one day :-)

  12. Adrian C.
    Adrian C.

    We're not jealous......much!

  13. A Aron B.
    A Aron B.

    mmmmm fruit!