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09/08/2012 Fun ride with JB

  • 166.1km
  • 1,990m
  • 5:15:41
    Moving Time
  • 4,033
  • 219
    Suffer Score


  1. Jonathan B.
    Jonathan Buckley

    I see we both gave Eddie Addis a kick in on that climb! :-)

  2. Paul S.
    Paul S.

    Bloody magic. lol. Shame the traffic works were on at Dunning or we'd have smashed that in all. would have built nicely onto the second segment for a bigger advantage.

  3. Paul S.
    Paul S.

    Eddie will repay the compliment soon enough ha ha.

  4. Jonathan B.
    Jonathan Buckley

    Aye, pretty sure you're right. Just noticed your suffer score of 230 compared to my 190.....EXTREME!

  5. Paul S.
    Paul S.

    Aye pretty mental. Made me smile....don't think I'm wired up right mate ;-)

  6. Artur C.
    Artur C.

    Great ride gave me idea for the route, I want to do Logie Climb, I will start in Saline then logie climb, go through Auchterader Dunning up to Knockhill Climb then turn back to Saline. How is cycling on part of A9? It looks like there is a cycling path. Thanks Artur

  7. Paul S.
    Paul S.

    Hi Artur, the Logie Kirk climb is great! Riding the A9 though is terrifying as some of the vehicles give very little room as they thunder by at 100+km/h.

  8. Artur C.
    Artur C.

    Hi Paul I completed my ride such a great day out http://app.strava.com/rides/24289954, by accident I missed turn and did extra climb but was great to do it Newton of Pitcairns Climb