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Emma Pooley

Zurich, Switzerland
  • 276
    Activities in 2018
  • 12,777.1
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 6797

Albula - Splügen

Ride August 4, 2018
  • 173.0km
  • 3,807m
  • 7:13:08
    Moving Time
  • 2,797
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  1. Mark Mitchenall
    Mark Mitchenall

    Not fit? Hmmm

  2. Ana Lucia Pires
    Ana Lucia Pires


  3. Stu Ashton
    Stu Ashton

    Looks like you've been busy the past few days, Emma. Are you training for the Taiwan Kom challenge again?

  4. Guido Z.
    Guido Z.

    Incredibile Emma

  5. La  R.
    La R.

    Taiwan QOM is calling...........pick up the phone😅

  6. Stefano Teodoro
    Stefano Teodoro

    Aww i'm in engadina now! And yes, I agree splugen is wonderful!

  7. Rusty M.
    Rusty M.

    Took my camper up there once , stressed the life out of me .

  8. Jandy B.
    Jandy B.

    I'd love an affogato today. Sure u enjoyed yours

  9. Marissa Saenger
    Marissa Saenger

    Joining any group rides this week Emma? Still dreaming of a ride/coffee with you in my last weeks in Zurich 🙈

  10. Becky G.
    Becky G.

    Splügen is one I still gotta do! Well done 👍

  11. John Williams
    John Williams

    Your blow up is still a better ride then I could ever dream of on my best day. I'm from the flattest place in the world lol ILLINOIS! But it is my dream to go to New York and ride the Gran fondo there up a real mountain!

  12. John Williams
    John Williams

    I'm mean not like this one this might as well be Everest but you know a reasonable one

  13. Emma Pooley
    Emma Pooley

    @John Williams follow your dream to NY and then keep going ... mountains are the best! Could you aim for a mountain gran fondo like Haute Route? I guess it's tough training for hills in Illinois - good luck :-)


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