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Matildas Musings

Auchterarder, Scotland, United Kingdom
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    Activity in 2019
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    miles Ridden in 2019
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Team Matildas 3000th tandem mile clocked up during celebration ride on Millport 🍾🥂

Ride August 5, 2018
  • 38.9mi
  • 1,044ft
  • 3:03:51
    Moving Time
  • 1,887
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  1. Jonathan P.
    Jonathan P.

    But how on earth do you transport such delicate-looking glasses without mishap?

  2. Matildas  Musings
    Matildas Musings

    In Matildas panniers of course! But they are plastic! 😁

  3. Clockwork H.
    Clockwork H.

    Fantastic - well done. And a great way to bring up a milestone.

  4. Matildas  Musings
    Matildas Musings

    It was a fab escape day ... great tandeming ... despite the wind! And 3000 miles obviously means at least 3000 smiles en route 😀

  5. Clockwork H.
    Clockwork H.

    Only 3000 smiles? Between the two of you?

  6. Jane & John T.
    Jane & John T.

    We should have been there ! Is it likely that the 3000 mark would have been met on the HebWay ?

  7. Comtat 5.
    Comtat 5.

    Well done guys.🏆🏆And one for Matilda 🏆

  8. Matildas  Musings
    Matildas Musings

    Clockwork Hamster Sure many more than 3000 smiles! Given its the smiles not the miles that count for us! Just don't have a smilometer to record the numbers! 😁

  9. Matildas  Musings
    Matildas Musings

    Jane & John Tandem I am pretty certain it would have been hit on HebWay's 185 miles! So does that mean we need to get to somewhere short of 4000 by next June 😃

  10. Jane & John T.
    Jane & John T.

    Yes it must do. Wonder if we can meet a landmark mileage as well.


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