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James Juneyt Dennis

Enfield, England, United Kingdom
  • 445
    Activities in 2018
  • 11,879.5
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 209

Taunus Bike packing - The gravel & off road is the future!

Ride August 5, 2018
  • 661.2km
  • 11,870m
  • 42:16:47
    Moving Time
  • 23,351
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  1. 🔔🔚💩 Omash
  2. Markus BRANDL 🇩🇪🇧🇷
    Markus BRANDL 🇩🇪🇧🇷

    Absolute fantastic!!! Congrats.

  3. Markus BRANDL 🇩🇪🇧🇷
    Markus BRANDL 🇩🇪🇧🇷

    Which tyres do you use on your bike? Thanks in advance.

  4. James Juneyt Dennis
    James Juneyt Dennis

    Schwalbe G-one all round Markus. They are very good for any surface and fast on the road. They (especially rear one) don't last so long though (max 4000 km?)

  5. Markus BRANDL 🇩🇪🇧🇷
    Markus BRANDL 🇩🇪🇧🇷

    Thank you James. :-)

  6. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    Wow! :-)

  7. Stephen Haines
    Stephen Haines

    Congratulations James, strong riding 👌

  8. Mark B.
    Mark B.

    Good stuff James. The olive oil is still doing the job then !!

  9. Kyle Armstrong
    Kyle Armstrong

    Amazing riding James!!

  10. Samuel T.
    Samuel T.

    Nice stuff JJ!

  11. Ciaran O'Hara (DRV) The Bike General
    Ciaran O'Hara (DRV) The Bike General

    Well done. Gravel is the future. We should get out for a ride when you are back and recovered.

  12. Paul O.
    Paul O.

    Wow, amazing ride yet again James.

  13. J P.
    J P.

    great ride JJ, better timing and I would have been up for this, are you interested in this in September https://www.theracingcollective.com/xduroscotland.html

  14. J P.
    J P.

    G-ones are great tyres, worth swapping the rear to the front mid trip to get good miles out of them, and rear grip

  15. J P.
    J P.

    P.S. you had a great ride in the dry, that same event in the wet would bring out a whole different range of emotions, been there ;-)

  16. omloopnova_ ...
    omloopnova_ ...

    Splendid JJD...great ride.

  17. Michael P
    Michael P

    Congrats! Unbelievable performance!

  18. Jason Jones
    Jason Jones

    Congratulations James, impressive as ever, great result !

  19. Jörn B.
    Jörn B.

    What the hell. You are a maschine, to finish this impressive course in such a great time.

  20. Des Bezuidenhout
    Des Bezuidenhout

    Amazing result! Really well done James!

  21. James Juneyt Dennis
    James Juneyt Dennis

    Thank you all :)

  22. James Juneyt Dennis
    James Juneyt Dennis

    J P Agree with you. In the wet weather conditions it would be even more difficult. It should be also ridden with Mtb (preferably hardtail). I was on cx thus had to walk a lot.

  23. James Juneyt Dennis
    James Juneyt Dennis

    , J P would love to ride in xduroscotland18 but difficult to get there and return back to London. Need 2 more days off from work in addition to weekend. Jason W. HAD also invited when he did the same course DIY basis but couldn't go for the same reason.

  24. James Juneyt Dennis
    James Juneyt Dennis

    Ciaran O'Hara (DRV) The Bike General, let me know when you intend to ride. I may not be able to join you for couple of weeks as my wound on the leg was infected. Also my bike require new parts/maintenance. Keep in touch.

  25. James Juneyt Dennis
    James Juneyt Dennis

    Mark Bulkeley, the olive oil saved our biking holiday in Crete thanks to you. I rode the bike at least a month with same and brakes were perfect. I did however get proper brake liquid filled before this race :)

  26. J P.
    J P.

    JJ most riders who are serious about speed do these gravel events and find out that a 29 mtb would be better, we just dont have the gravel of the USA, wish they would drop the word......its off road


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