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JJ Zhou 周庄忱 / SERK

Beijing, Beijing, China
  • 371
    2018 的活动
  • 13,406.2
    2018 骑行的 公里
  • 202

Everesting the Everest

骑行 2018年8月7日
  • 423.6km
  • 8,420m
  • 26:27:13
  • 10,372
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  1. Stephen B.
    Stephen B.

    Absolutely brilliant JJ, you must feel so proud to be the first. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Marco Steinmann
    Marco Steinmann

    Congratulations again JJ. Amazing endurance and dedication. You earned your tears :-) 🎉🍾️

  3. Matt J.
    Matt J.

    Incredible! Congrats!

  4. Rod Shortell
    Rod Shortell

    A ride so awesome that it breaks Strava on my phone!

  5. John R.
    John R.

    Incredible. Congratulations from Wellington, New Zealand

  6. Chas P.
    Chas P.

    That’s it. The ultimate ride. No one else will ever be the first to Everest on Everest. Congratulations!

  7. Florian Scholl
    Florian Scholl

    Incredible. The machine

  8. JJ Zhou 周庄忱 / SERK
    JJ Zhou 周庄忱 / SERK

    Wow, thanks for the kind words everyone! Without your support this cannot be done!

  9. Marc G.
    Marc G.

    Wow mate! Insane! Massive well done jj! See you soon in HK i hope ;)

  10. Bo D.
    Bo D.

    Absolutely incredible! The ultimate Everest, congratulations!!!

  11. Br1 Sun
    Br1 Sun

    A “real” everesting ! Congrats !!

  12. Bob M.
    Bob M.

    "Everesting Everest" Inspiring! Incredible perseverance! Congratulations! . . . and thanks for the power info

  13. Claudio Montefusco
    Claudio Montefusco

    Congratulations from Barcelona (Spain)!! I arrived here from Bicycle magazine. Inspiring and incredible ride!! What's next?

  14. Patrick Beilby
    Patrick Beilby

    Congratulations to you, JJ and greetings from Thailand. This is an inspired piece of cycling. The beauty of that short little road, a beauty that can so easily turn to horror when the weather changes. I would like to ride there, one day. Yes JJ, you make me want to ride my bike !

  15. Jasper V.
    Jasper V.

    Brilliant! Congratulations from Belgium!

  16. Robert Townsley
    Robert Townsley

    Excellent. Well done from Swindon UK

  17. Sam P.
    Sam P.

    Having just accomplished my first Everesting in Bristol, UK, I can't quite comprehend what you have done here. You win!!!! Chapeau

  18. Anthi V.
    Anthi V.

    Rule #5!😎😎👊✌💪

  19. 🚴 Pascal Z.
    🚴 Pascal Z.

    Congratulations from The Netherlands (the flat country)! 👍🥂

  20. Alberto Morales Esteban
    Alberto Morales Esteban

    Congratulations guy!

  21. Rob P.
    Rob P.

    Amazing effort! 🚴‍♂️💨👏👏👏

  22. Steve Cox
    Steve Cox

    Awesome. Truly awesome. Well done!

  23. Leon Shaner
    Leon Shaner

    AMAZING!!! Wow, just wow!!! Major congratulations!!!

  24. Leon Shaner
    Leon Shaner

    You actually got the KOM on two of these segments, but I guess you would have to use the menu to recompute your achievements to see those.

  25. Panagiotis Chavariotis
  26. T C.
    T C.

    You are an inspiration! Ref. https://www.bicycling.com/news/amp22814975/everesting-mount-everest/

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