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Brian Sharbono

DeLand, FL
  • 278
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,323.6
    miles Run in 2018
  • 164

Clearwater Lake Loop with 4x20 second pickups

Run August 10, 2018
  • 9.2mi
  • 1:08:56
    Moving Time
  • 7:28/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,048
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  1. Nicholas Valencia
    Nicholas Valencia

    Did you go same size as other Hoka? I’m an 8.5 in Challenger ATR 4 and they fit great.

  2. Brian Sharbono
    Brian Sharbono

    Yeah they ran the same size as other models. I got a 13 and wear the same in the Speedgoat 2s

  3. Xander M.
    Xander M.

    Sweet Shoes!!! What's the trail like? I'd like to check it out?

  4. Brian Sharbono
    Brian Sharbono

    Thanks! It's a really fun trail. There is a 15k loop and a 19 mile loop. Pretty good footing with some rolling hills. Only downside is there is not much shade. I've got 25 next Saturday and plan on running out there if you want to join for some of it.

  5. Xander M.
    Xander M.

    That would be awesome if I can make it. I don’t have to work currently. What time do you start?

  6. Brian Sharbono
    Brian Sharbono

    It's going to be tough. Either after I get off work around 8:45am or wait till the late afternoon

  7. Xander M.
    Xander M.

    Ok. Well I’ll let you know by Thursday if I can make it at either time. Thanks man.

  8. Brian Sharbono
    Brian Sharbono

    Sounds good!

  9. Dawn Sullivan
    Dawn Sullivan

    I love Clearwater lake, let me know next time you go, I can run with you, but I’d not be alone out in deliverance either 😆😆

  10. Katy Cook
    Katy Cook

    Love Clearwater Lake 15k loop, it's easy running with a good mix of rollers.

  11. Brian Sharbono
    Brian Sharbono

    Dawn Sullivan I'm probably going out there next Saturday. Katy Cook it is a great loop and some decent Florida hills!

  12. Dawn Sullivan
    Dawn Sullivan

    Brian Sharbono cool! Let me know!

  13. Xander M.
    Xander M.

    Hey, Are you going to be morning or afternoon out there, Saturday?

  14. Brian Sharbono
    Brian Sharbono

    I'm leaning towards morning, but I'm debating between Clearwater and Clermont. Are you able to make it?

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