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The Road to Mont Blanc

  • 1,009.7km
  • 31,841m
  • 50:29:35
    Moving Time
  • 32,491


  1. Dan L.
    Dan L.

    Truly incredible achievement! Hope you enjoy those 40 x Big Macs to make up those 20,000 calories!

  2. Richard H.
    Richard H.

    Chapeau! Just incredible...

  3. Tore O.
    Tore O.

    Wow. Just... wow

  4. B. B.
    B. B.

    Awesome effort Mike!

  5. H O D.
    H O D.


  6. Ld L.
    Ld L.

    You are my hero dude..Awesome!!!

  7. Dean R.
    Dean R.

    Wow wow wow! This is impressive. Kudos to you my friend.. Sorry to say but the flat line on you're heart rate made me laugh.. Well done

  8. Dries D.
    Dries D.

    That's a f*cking awesome ride! DOUBLE KUDOS

  9. Imran Y.
    Imran YUCE

    You are my hero definitely :) and also fuel for my ride Cotty #No1

  10. Jason C.
    Jason C.

    Chapeau dude but your heart rate confirms that you are in fact a machine ;-)

  11. David C.
    David Crosby

    Well done Mike. Really awesome effort. Get that on the GCN Club longest ride!

  12. Todd G.
    Todd Gunther

    Amazing riding! So what next!? I hear the Continental divide trail is open to mountain bikes over here. :)

  13. Mike C.
    Mike C.

    I was gutted my heart rate monitor got tired and packed up. Wanted to see the real average. No plans for anything else just yet. I put so much time into preparing for this I now need to recover some life and catch up with all the folk and family I haven't seen for months as I've had my head in this bubble. Thanks for all your nice comments all. Ride safe! Mike

  14. John B.
    John B.

    Unbelievable, hats off to you sir that is an incredible achievement!

  15. David M.
    David M.

    My hrm and altimeter went nuts on tourmalet moisture in it also I carry a spare batt on me all the time cimes in handy anyway Chapeau

  16. Adam G.
    Adam Guppy

    Diriculous! They should invent a super kudos button.

  17. Karsten W.
    Karsten W.

    Hugely inspirational. If HR monitor did work until the end, they'd have to invent another level beyond epic ;-)

  18. Gimo D.
    Gimo D.

    Hi Mike, when you come back again in Conegliano or Feltre, message me, I will be honoured to meet you! Ciao!

  19. Roland Kunze C.
    Roland Kunze Cycling

    I am absolutely inspired!! Keep riding

  20. Andrew R.
    Andrew R.

    Words just aren't enough.  Watched the video on Mavic - Awesome!  Just Awesome!

  21. Mike H.
    Mike H.

    Well Michael that's the most impressive ride I have ever, and probably will ever see on Strava.

  22. Shaiba W.
    Shaiba W.

    Absolutely brilliant!

  23. Yvan U.
    Yvan USTM

    Bravo  !!!!

  24. Fabio A.
    Fabio A.

    No words for this one, chapeau.

  25. Oliver W.
    Oliver Wilkens

    Unbelievable effort, 1 million Kudos!

  26. Mike C.
    Mike C.

    Thank you for all the comments. Really appreciate each and every one of them. Ride safe all! Mike

  27. Daniel W.
    Daniel W.

    Chapeau! Fantastic!

  28. Sylvain L.
    Sylvain L.

    Phénoménale !

  29. Stuart A.
    Stuart A.

    Jesus man, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? :-) Congratulations, that's a hell of a ride. Passo de San Boldo looks kind of mental with those tunnels on the hairpins.

  30. Goethe ..
    Goethe ..

    Awesome dude, unbelieveable feat!

  31. Andre C.
    Andre C.


  32. Eduardo R.
    Eduardo Ribeiro

    My new HERO!! XD

  33. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Congrats, Mike! Really awesome!

  34. Jessica D.
    Jessica Dias

    Taporra! Sangue nos zói! Incrível, sensacional!! Lapidado na brutalidade, parabéns!!!

  35. David P.
    David P.

    My legs hurt just watching the video. Amazing achievement. So what's next?

  36. Ian O.
    Ian O.

    Wow, this is awesome and an epic achievement! Well done!

  37. Dan S.
    dan simmons

    Incredible achievement just shows what is possible

  38. Fábio P.
    Fábio Pereira

    Congratulations! WTF!

  39. Paulo R.
    Paulo R.


  40. Norbert K.
    Norbert Kocsis

    wow amazing! Congratulations! :)

  41. Pedro C.
    Pedro Caparrós Gómez

    Gracias por hacerme sentir como si estuviese en esas grandes montañas.
    Te sigo desde que compre tus vídeos de Cyclefilm

  42. Raymond D.
    Raymond De Lange

    You made a nice movie of your roadtrip.

  43. Josh Howell T.
    Josh Howell TEAM VEGAN ☁️

    EPIC stuff! The bar is set sooo high now. Well done!

  44. Deresh P.
    Deresh Pillay

    Wow, that is awesome

  45. Massimiliano S.
    Massimiliano S.

    I saw now "road to Mont Blanc" on Bike channel . You are an Incredible man wow wow... Compliments wow

  46. Andrea D.
    Andrea D.

    Amazing!!!!!!!!.... Good inspiration for all

  47. Steve W.
    Steve W.

    Rad ride!!

  48. Jagdish S.
    Jagdish Salgotra

    epic. Respect!

  49. Scuba (.
    Scuba (Shaun)

    Amazing, and i mean the true sense of the work. Mike you are a cycling hero and inspiration to more people than i think you realise.

  50. Bojan S.
    Bojan Slemenik