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Chris Shue

McLean, VA
  • 405
    Activities in 2018
  • 9,253.0
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 441

Ride the Divide

Ride August 16, 2018
  • 131.7mi
  • 15,056ft
  • 8:53:07
    Moving Time
  • 4,866
  • 297
    Relative Effort
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  1. Steve Claeys
    Steve Claeys

    But did you go to Weavers in Hancock for pie?

  2. Brad G.
    Brad G.

    😥 I told Chris the only thing in Hancock was Sheetz. Which almost backfired.

  3. Steve Claeys
    Steve Claeys

    Pro Tip - Hancock gas station sells mini bottles of liquor. Get mini bottle of vodka, go to Weavers, order lemonade, secretly add vodka, order pie.

  4. The EnthusiGator
    The EnthusiGator

    Another historic session. Nice!!!!

  5. Lsg ☠.
    Lsg ☠.

    Just one of those daysn

  6. Bryan Hernandez
    Bryan Hernandez

    Wow amazing

  7. Mark Carter
    Mark Carter


  8. Bill H.
    Bill H.

    Welcome to Crampsville?

  9. Jackie F.
    Jackie F.

    Wow!!! Leaderboards and a KOM on a ride like this?!? You are my hero!!!

  10. Chris Shue
    Chris Shue

    Jackie Fritsch Bremer thank you so much!

  11. Andy Reiman
    Andy Reiman


  12. The EnthusiGator
    The EnthusiGator

    Surely you’ve hit 50 mph before?

  13. Chris Shue
    Chris Shue

    The EnthusiGator I have not! I’m a big baby but I have also lots of wobbles issues with my old bike and my new one has deep rims so it gets a little squirrely on screaming descents with crosswinds. Also, again, I’m a big baby 👶

  14. The EnthusiGator
    The EnthusiGator

    I get it. Going down at that speed would not be pleasant. I approached 60 on DD this year, and an estimated 70 during the Snowshoe Mountain Stage Race in 1992. That was fast. TOO fast.

  15. Ian Fingerman
    Ian Fingerman

    KOM on a 38 mile segment????

  16. William  W.
    William W.

    Hell yeah dude!!!

  17. Lyds R.
    Lyds R.


  18. Chris Belen
    Chris Belen

    Relative effort: "historic"

  19. Keith K.
    Keith K.

    That’s it?

  20. Ryan Heitz
    Ryan Heitz

    Nice work!


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