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#Everesting Mam Tor Rd

  • 116.4mi
  • 29,351ft
  • 16:04:22
    Moving Time
  • 7,761


  1. Paul R.
    Paul Rutter

    Holy moly!! Congrats \o/

  2. Dave K.
    Dave K.

    Nice one rich, bet that hurts

  3. Emma  O.
    Emma Osenton

    Brilliant :) Well done

  4. Stefan B.
    Stefan B

    That is outrageous Rich!

  5. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Thanks Paul.

  6. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Dave I was dying towards the end.

  7. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Thanks Emma. Let me know when you are haing a go. I may tag along. :)

  8. Dave K.
    Dave K.

    I bet. Top effort mate

  9. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Thanks Stefan. A harder day out than the Kinder Dozen ;)

  10. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Dave, I'm quite pleased it's going to ride tomorrow. :)

  11. Tom H.
    Tom H.

    Chuffin' Eck Rich. Read the Bearbines thread - nice work :-)

  12. Mark C.
    Mark C.


  13. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Thanks Tom and Mark. Very glad my knees didn't moan, unlike when they go running.

  14. Molly Horsley Frost  (.
    Molly Horsley Frost (.

    Mental...unbelievable...in awe!

  15. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Thanks Molly, true a lot of it was mind stuff. Enjoyed it though.

  16. Trevor W.
    Trevor W.

    Awesome Rich!

  17. Rich S.
    Rich S.


  18. Nigel E.
    Nigel E.

    That's the god-damned craziest thing I have ever seen on Strava.

  19. Brant R.
    Brant Richards

    Awesome work Rich.

  20. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Nige, reps of Eccles Pike?

  21. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Thanks Brant.

  22. Mike N.
    Mike Noble

    "What the f##k.....!!!!!"

  23. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Mike, what are you saying? 'Twas just a ride in the hills. ;)

  24. Mike N.
    Mike Noble

    Rich....ticking the Kudos box seems so inappropriate for this effort. A massive, huge well done mate.

  25. Simon B.
    Simon Bowns

    Superb work sir - rather inspiring!

  26. Andy V.
    Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Wow... that is one efficient everesting! A most welcome addition to the hall of fame! www.everesting.cc/hall-of-fame

  27. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Thanks guys.

  28. William O.
    William O.

    Well done Rich. Strong legs. Good account of the ride too!

  29. James B.
    James B.

    Tremendous effort. Hope to do mine on Bealach na Ba next summer. Kudos!!

  30. Mark M.
    Mark M.

    Initially I thought what's the point but then I seen you could claim a First Accent. I like the concept, well done Rich.

  31. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Thanks William. James I've semt a relevant msg that I hope you got.

  32. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Thanks Mark. No point other than is it possible. I shall do it again though. ;)

  33. Roger B.
    Roger B.


  34. James B.
    James B.

    Yes thanks Rich I just picked that up. Applecross side only :-)

  35. Mark S.
    Mark S.

    Good effort thought this looked a good hill for an everesting

  36. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Thanks Mark. Have you got one planned for next year?

  37. Mick T.
    MICK TOR Ⓥ Banana Power!

    Wow just found your epic ride on Everesting  website! Well done inspiring!

  38. Rich S.
    Rich S.

    Cheers Mick. Looking forward to doing another this summer. Good luck with yours.

  39. Mick T.
    MICK TOR Ⓥ Banana Power!

    Thanks bro I'm looking to Everest a ride without repeats so planning a route! Mick

  40. Gaby L.
    Gaby Landais