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Ride London - Surrey 100 (/86)

  • 138.3km
  • 484m
  • 3:31:37
    Moving Time
  • 2,590
  • 106
    Suffer Score


  1. Thomas W.
    Thomas Woods Ⓥ

    wet out there eh!

  2. Hamish S.
    Hamish S.

    you must just love Surrey in the rain!

  3. Alex T.
    Alex T.

    I was surprised to see the world champion stripes until I realised who the owner was. Great to see you out there!

  4. The S.
    The S.

    Pleasure riding with you and Roxane Knetemann yesterday for the last 40kms. Didn't get to say thank you as it was to cold and wet, but THANKS.

  5. Arthur Z.
    Arthur Zwinkels

    Mooie koers gezien. Jammer dat je het net niet haalde zeg !

  6. Andy R.
    Andy R.

    It was an honour and pleasure to ride with you and Roxane for the last 60k yesterday Marianne. Thanks for the biggest beasting I have ever had!

  7. Jorge S.
    Jorge Sedano

    Mucha alegria de verte..Marianne..The Boss..

  8. Julie B.
    Julie B.

    Wow :-)

  9. Peter B.
    Peter Berry

    Thanks again for uploading your ride. Your a star. I'm just gutted you dropped me at mile 46

  10. James W.
    James W.

    Wish I'd seen you out there. Great ride. Put us amateurs to shame!! Well done :-)

  11. Richard P.
    Richard P.

    Huge surprise to find I rode with you and Roxanne from Oxshot through to Kingston, thank you

  12. Austin J.
    Austin J.

    138km and only 484 mtrs of climbing! Bit flat I guess around London.

  13. Mrs P.
    Mrs P.

    Huge honour to ride with you for all of 20seconds lol but great to see you out there!! Please come back again :)

  14. Ben N.
    Ben Nasatyr

    Thanks for coming and riding with us amateurs. That was a classy thing to do. Hope you come back next year and we have some sunshine.

  15. Greg P.
    Greg P.

    Was amazing riding along side your train for all of 40secs... Thank you so much for taking part.

  16. Caroline G.
    Caroline G.

    So chuffed to get a QOM and to have it taken from me by you - awesome, not something that will ever happen to me again. 2nd on a leaderboard to you!

  17. Jon B.
    Jon Beverley

    60 or so QOM's in one ride - awesome! (Garmins don't like the rain. Elevation data fail. Thats why its only showing 1,588ft)

  18. Jamie B.
    Jamie Bishop

    Awesome to ride with you and Roxane for the last 20km on Sunday, crazy fast over Putney bridge and coming along the embankment in the pouring rain, dodging some crazy guy in the middle of the road. Chapeau!!

  19. Matthew P.
    Matthew P.

    I had a 13 minute headstart on you but it looks like you flew past as I stopped to talk to my family in exactly the same spot I watched you flyby in the opposite direction to win Gold in the 2012 road race! If I hadn't have stopped who knows if you'd have caught me!! (I know, you only beat me by AN HOUR!!) http://labs.strava.com/flyby/viewer/#178137763,9yKeCg==

  20. Mark F. K.
    Mark F. K.

    Respect! :)

  21. Alan T.
    Alan T.

    Thanks for riding this. I wasn't lucky enough to ride with you, I was in the next wave and was never gonna catch you.

  22. Brian T.
    Brian T.

    Great to ride with you on Sunday.

  23. Hans S.
    Hans S.

    Toertochtje met gemiddelde 40 km/hr.... Jammer dat de mooiste heuvels uit parcours waren gehaald. We wonen vlak naast de route, maar je helaas niet gezien. Volgend jaar beter?