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Winning in Windham

  • 33.5km
  • 871m
  • 1:41:37
    Moving Time
  • 1,397


  1. Pat W.
    Pat W.

    Gratuliere Nino.war eine grosse Vorstellung!

  2. James W.
    James W.

    Congratulations on your win!

  3. András Gadanecz

    It was an awesome race, congrats!

  4. David Jaget

    Love watching you race. 

  5. Reto Wiesmann

    Gratuliere, Absalon holsch no;-)

  6. Leslie Dreyer

    Awesome racing Nino!!!!!

  7. Rocco N.
    Rocco N.

    Well done Nino, great riding!!

  8. Riza K.
    Riza K.

    Enjoyed watching you take that one Nino! Keeping rolling!!!

  9. Stefan R.
    Stefan R.

    Great Race!!!

  10. Marcos O.
    Marcos O.


  11. Nuno Guerreiro

    the best champ.

  12. Carlos Pires

    Amazing race.. a rocket descending and a locomotive taking that FS up that hill.. U THE MAN !!

  13. Giuseppe C.
    Giuseppe C.

    Well Done Nino!

  14. Jura B.
    Jura B.

    Congrats Nino! Nice race to watch!

  15. Franco H.
    Franco H.

    Bravo. Nino. Erhole dich gut!

  16. Bruno S. Condé

    Mais uma vez Absalon! Pode aposentar ... Voce é o cara Nino

  17. Sam Tee

    Another great victory Nino !!!

  18. Mike S.
    Mike S.

    Congratulations Nino!

  19. Holyfield Yoga / MTB

    You are the man Nino! congrats from Brazil.


    Great Ride Nino :)

  21. George W. B.
    George W. B.

    Awesome win and very cool to see the Strava results. Thanks for posting Nino!

  22. Ivanildo Bastante

    great ride Nino

  23. Carla R.
    Carla R.


  24. Louie Renna

    You killed it!

  25. Geison R.
    Geison R.


  26. Jessica Dias

    Woooww!! The race was exciting! Champion!!

  27. Carlos V.
    Carlos V.


  28. Pedro A Lopez Fernández

    Es increíble, a tope Nino!

  29. Id 1.
    Id 1.


  30. ewald leitner

    Gratuliere Nino

  31. Alex B.
    Alex B.

    watch you smashing the down hill section ( nice one my son ) :-)

  32. Vojtech R.
    Vojtech R.

    Totalni bomba

  33. Ricky  G.
    Ricky G.

    Felicidades ninooo /congrats ninooo from Dominican Republic

  34. Gregory J C.
    Gregory J C.

    Congrats Nino! I got your autograph! Great race!

  35. David M.
    David M.

    No PM data?

  36. Dayse S.
    Dayse S.

    Great, Nino! You're awesome!

  37. Andy B.
    Andy B.

    Warrior Nino! Well Done.

  38. Julia C.
    Julia C.

    good job nino!

  39. Leon J.
    Leon J.


  40. Rodrigo Favaretto

    Parabéns Nino... All R!!!

  41. Jorge F.
    Jorge F.

    Congrats Champ!!! Best of luck to France

  42. Stefan Bzdok -.
    Stefan Bzdok -.


  43. Fruitified Fructose Ⓥ✌★VEGAN★

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D ♣♣♣♣♣♣

  44. Jose Nilo


  45. Strava A.
    Strava A.