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Race - Pizzorne Challenge - 17:43!!!

  • 18.2km
  • 614m
  • 46:46
    Moving Time
  • 771
  • 41
    Suffer Score


  1. Sandy McFarlane

    Destroyed my PB by 51 seconds. Very chuffed

  2. Arne B.

    Very good sir! :D

  3. Alexander Thorsø

    You said you'd pass on this one a few days ago! Cheating bastard. There will be consequences. 

  4. Sandy McFarlane

    No. I was always doing this. Going to stop the crazy races though.

  5. Sandy McFarlane

    Looking foward to seeing the consequences. It will have to be up Grefsenkollen as you are not going to take Holmenkollen.

  6. Dan Tømmerholen

    Well done!

  7. Alexander Thorsø

    Congratulations on beating me in the duel! As no prize was agreed I choose one. Beers at BP after work one day before christmas. Let me know when you can.

  8. Sandy McFarlane

    Woo hoo Alexander! I accept the beers. How about Friday 28th November?

  9. Sandy McFarlane

    What time tomorrow?

  10. Alexander Thorsø

    From 1600 is OK for me. I work close by so you can decide.

  11. Sandy McFarlane

    Ill leave work at 16.00 and be at Aker Brygge just after 16.30

  12. Sandy McFarlane

    At the upstairs bar

  13. Alexander Thorsø

    Upstairs from Beer Palace?