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Alex Wright

Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom
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1 QOM & 2 2nd's on station road! - Brilliant ride with Kev & Rob

Ride August 13, 2014
  • 45.3km
  • 323m
  • 1:54:12
    Moving Time
  • 798
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  1. Richard N.
    Richard N.

    First QOM. Nice

  2. Alex Wright
    Alex Wright

    Over the moon!!

  3. Richard N.
    Richard N.

    By a good margin too!

  4. Ali B.
    Ali B.

    Can't believe how much you're smashing the records out!!

  5. Alex Wright
    Alex Wright

    I'm literally buzzing!

  6. Ali B.
    Ali B.

    You should be! Lend me those legs! Could do with some KOM

  7. Paul W.
    Paul W.

    I'm not far off KOM so we can be king n queen of station road ;)

  8. Kevin Hopper    F.
    Kevin Hopper F.

    Bet you're glad you didn't stop when you thought you couldn't pedal any more! Next time we go faster.

  9. Alex Wright
    Alex Wright

    Too right I'm bloody glad! Can't believe it! It's cos we've got matching surnames Paul has to be done lol

  10. Paul W.
    Paul W.

    Ok will go get it next week ;)


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