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08/12/2014 Spain, PM, Spain

  • 57.1mi
  • 7,352ft
  • 3:00:32
    Moving Time
  • 3,514


  1. Ian M.
    Ian M.

    Eccleston boy done good. ;-)

  2. Troy B.
  3. Adam W.
    Adam Wolley

    Yeeeeessssss, of course you did...     http://www.digitalepo.com/

  4. J P.
    J P

    Oh, that's a new one!

  5. Adam W.
    Adam Wolley

    OK 'JP'. I'm a reasonable man. You post 1 ride a quarter where you beat the worlds best riders by a decent margin and you conceal your identity, what else are we to think??  Prove us wrong...?

  6. J P.
    J P

    A boo is a lot louder than a cheer. If you have 10 people cheering and one person booing, all you hear is the booing.

  7. Drake M.
    Drake M.

    good job, dude! bring a gopro or something next time so you can quash the haters once and for all.

  8. Manuel M.
    Manuel Major

    It´s allways the same, someone beat anything and came all the shits about sheating. Please People get real and leave the couch.... LIVE STRONG.....

  9. Manuel M.
    Manuel Major

    If you came to Portugal, please climb Serra da Estrela :) 

  10. Daniel P.
    Daniel Pruitt

    You go, Juan Pelota!

  11. Neil D.
    Neil D.

    Hey Ricco....someone's going to spot you on that Cipollini soon!...

  12. Andrius J.
    andrius jaks Ⓥ

    JP, to produces that kind of times legit you have to do some serious training, e.g. do at least 1500km a month. So to prove you are legit post at least some of you training rides. I looked at yr file, and it is not digital EPO like someone suggested, as there is no typical bumps for that kind of enhancement. If you cheated it must be very soffisticated, e.g. creating the whole file from the route or smth else.

  13. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    He's obviously a world class pro that much is evident from the data. Question is which one? David Millar?

  14. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    LA wouldn't take the mick out of himself with that "dream big" comment he made on one of his rides. Plus he has to be from the UK. No rider from abroad would come and ride Hard Knott pass or even know about it for that matter. Can't think of too many UK riders capable of that power output for these durations Millar, Wiggo, G?

  15. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    Add Dowsett to that list of course

  16. Andrius J.
    andrius jaks Ⓥ

    If his bike the same that is stated - AX Vial , I dont know world class pro who rides this bike brand. Not sure any UK world class pro would choose anonymos strava acc as JP, which has association with LA. BTW, LA got his own real strava acc and posts his rides regularly so it is not LA. I have suspicion it is not a pro, but some smart geek who knows how create file and make it look real. I do apologize to JP if I am wrong, but you would like more evidence to prove that these KOMS/performance is real.

  17. Andrius J.
    andrius jaks Ⓥ

    Dowsett got his own strava acc, and posts some rides. Dont think these days Millar would take out Lopez's KOM achieved under the race conditions.

  18. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    It's probably their own personal bike - I bet Millar owns lots of bikes which don't belong to the team (and have to be given back at the end of the season). The whole JP LA thing has to be a wind up and they've set up the account just for this purpose and to ruffle a few feathers. That also explains why there are only a few odd rides on here - probably just odd rides in between major races.

  19. Andrius J.
    andrius jaks Ⓥ

    It could be his personal bike, but it is definitelly not Millar. He is not a climber, and wouldnt take out Lopez's KOM set during the race.

  20. Luis M.
    Luis M.

    Its not Lance. Lance was in Austin https://twitter.com/titeyogarunner/status/499062577687572480/photo/1

  21. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    Were they actually racing at that point or just riding steady up it? An amateur holds the alpe d'huez record as a one off effort and is faster than most of the pros as they have already ridden 200km and the rest of the stage race previous to it. Millar can climb when he wants to, these aren't massive climbs anyway.

  22. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    Do we know how much JP weighs?

  23. Luis M.
    Luis M.

    They weren't racing, @duncanmurphy. It's impossible to race in Sa Calobra. There is not way to climb it without descending first. You have to descend on a road that is a dead end and then, from the bottom, just by the sea, turn round and climb it. I can tell you JP KOM in Sa Calobra is impressive. Maybe Wiggins?

  24. Ian M.
    Ian M.

    Ferry from Soller, then you can just ride up Sa Calobra.

  25. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    He has to be a pretty big guy anyway. Little climbers just don't put out that sort of power. 6ft plus I reckon.

  26. Andrew  H.
    Andrew Hirst

    Everyone loves a mystery and let's face it, there's not much in such an interconnected world these days. I hope he stays under the radar but keeps riding and posting. *waves @ JP*

  27. Oliver P.
    Oliver Phillips

    Have seen Wiggo out training in Mallorca these past few days....

  28. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    Rumbled! I reckon it is Wiggo - fits his power profile anyway. Was he riding his Pinarello?

  29. Tony S.
    Tony S.

    J P.  So between 5 & 8pm in Mallorca, and between sea level and 700m, the TEMPERATURE stays an exactly constant 31degC yeah??  I'm not so sure….. certainly didn't when I rode Sa Colobra 2 days later.

  30. Andrius J.
    andrius jaks Ⓥ

    Constant temperature looks suspicious, and it was the same during the rider in Peak district. On other two rides there slightly more variation.

  31. Andrius J.
    andrius jaks Ⓥ

    @Duncan, it is estimated power, and not weighed. According strava acc JP's bike is AX Vial, though no one knows for sure which bike he rides.

  32. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    I thought some of his rides had real power figures? I don't put much faith in the temperature data - a bike GPS is going to be subject to all sorts of wind conditions and if its a phone GPS it is likely in his jersey pocket!

  33. Andrius J.
    andrius jaks Ⓥ

    No, all his power is estimated. It is not iphone, he uses garmin 510 or 800.

  34. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    So presumably we could work back to estimate his weight?

  35. Daniel F.
    Daniel F.

    Funny how not knowing just eats some of you guys up.  Fish caught, JP, keep setting the hook...

  36. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    Well I think its cool that pros post their rides anonymously or otherwise. If it is Wiggo its probably the only way he could do it. If Sky ban coke their bound to ban riders posting data on public apps like Strava.

  37. Al H.
    Al Hitchin

    Nice work JP. Keep it up

  38. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    We need another ride JP! Come on I know you're training for the worlds but hey...

  39. Thomas P.
    Thomas P.

    Not as quick as Sergio Henao..

  40. James B.
    James B.


  41. Rhys L.
    Rhys Lloyd

    there will never be power files as none of this is possible. sad cunt thats all

  42. Rhys L.
    Rhys Lloyd

    haha look at this cunts entire ride, smashing feminia before smashing colobra decent then smashing sa colobra, physically impossible to achieve all this shit in one ride. sad cunthhhhhhhh

  43. J P.
    J P

    Would you like a signed photo Rhys? xoxo

  44. Rhys L.
    Rhys Lloyd

    not unless your on a dece retro bike, sat in the hooks thrashing the bike around in 42X16 with a chisled jaw line smoking a dart I dont. bring some dece banter to the sport not this crap dude

  45. Sim (.
    Sim (.

    Are you this bitter because you're a welsh?

  46. Gunnar F.
    Gunnar F.

    Wiggo mate

  47. Martin G.
    Martin G.

    You said world class Duncan and then mention Millar haha

  48. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    Former world champion not good enough for you?

  49. Martin G.
    Martin G.

    When doped up on EPO? Yeh ok.

  50. Duncan M.
    Duncan M.

    Yeh along with ever other rider in the competition no doubt...