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08/16/2014 Santa Barbara Nine Trails. Run half, hike half. Extremely dehydrated, when will I learn.

  • 35.3mi
  • 12,015ft
  • 8:39:33
    Moving Time
  • 15:42/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,507


  1. Daniel W.
    Daniel Waddle

    Nice! Awesome time on a brutal course. I assume triple digit temps?

  2. Glenn O.
    Glenn O.

    Thanks Daniel. It was close to 100.

  3. Van M.
    Van McCarty

    Good seeing you Glenn. Jeez that was hard. I was so hot and miserable from Romeo back to Gib. Sat there and tried to drop...but they would not let me. SO, just walked..a lot, and then walked some more!!

  4. Glenn O.
    Glenn O.

    Nice seeing you too.That was tough. You looked strong when I saw you! Great job finishing. Yea, I walked a good 12 miles at the end - too dehydrated.

  5. Jim B.
    Jim Black

    You are am inspiration! Way to go dude!

  6. Master G.
    Master Gasser

    F ing crazy!?

  7. Cup C.
    CUP CAKE aka Scott Gower "Go For It Sports"

    Nice job Glenn.keep inspiring me and one of these days I'll get the bug again and join you.

  8. Brian L.
    Brian L.

    Dude, 35 miles in that heat? You impress me, lack of sanity and all.

  9. Glenn O.
    Glenn O.

    Jim, Tim & Brian - thanks.  Brian - exactly what I was thinking yesterday re: lack of sanity!

  10. Glenn O.
    Glenn O.

    Scott - thanks & I'll be waiting for you....

  11. Brent V.
    Brent Vanderhoof

    Nice work Glenn, finishing strong when things don't go well can only teach you things & make you stronger.
    Hopefully it cools down for Red Rock in November, or I'll be toast!

  12. Glenn O.
    Glenn O.

    Thanks Brent, but I wouldn't classify hiking the last 12 miles as finishing strong.  I was happy to finish!  See you at Red Rock!

  13. Steve H.
    Steve Himmelrich

    You are the king of mental and physical toughness. Good job..........

  14. Glenn O.
    Glenn O.

    Thanks Steve. So, your trip to Corsica was like this race, day after day... Its you three who are the kings!