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Levi's GranFondo Gran route

  • 103.3mi
  • 7,792ft
  • 6:57:03
    Moving Time
  • 4,496
  • 404
    Suffer Score


  1. Branden J.
    Branden J.

    Hey Matt, getting ready for Levi's this year. How much time gets spent at the SAG stops? I was thinking about trying to only stop twice. Realistic?

  2. Matt L.
    Matt L.

    Rest stops are hard to spend a tiny amount of time at, depending where you are in the pack, due to the sheer number of people. Especially the first one or two as people are still bunched - though the first one I'd recommend skipping if you can.

    Looking at the data here, I probably spent 8-13 minutes per stop, and 4 minutes at the water refill stop on Coleman Valley Road. Water will likely be an issue if you're only stopping once, though I know people who effectively race the ride.

    Enjoy! I'm registered but due to life, I'm probably not attending. Know anyone who wants a reg?


  • Liam S.
  • Matt L.
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