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Mt. Diablo Challenge (FAIL!)

  • 10.9mi
  • 3,250ft
  • 50:49
    Moving Time
  • 891
  • 76
    Suffer Score


  1. Christopher Kelly

    Sucked into the ooh, ooh no YOUR turn to pull roadie bullshit even after coach told me to ignore the other riders. Result: 10 seconds slower than last year. 20/700 odd. Awesome!

  2. Joshua R.

    Very few are immune to the roadie psych-out.

  3. Nick H.

    It's only bullshit if you fall for it. When you're the one doing it it's genius.

  4. Daniel Connelly

    Diablo is flat enough that drafting has benefit. So tactics do come into play there. Don't worry about 10 seconds: statistically meaningless one year to next. Micro-wind differences account for more.

  5. Christopher Kelly

    I could feel the benefit--that's how I got sucked in. The trouble was nobody was willing to lead up the bunch, opting instead for backing way, way off as soon as they got to the front. This lead to deadlock and then a 2-man 20 yard sprint. Rinse, repeat. I was better off in wave 3 with a clear run at the potholes at the bottom then hammering a constant pace.