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Pete Kostelnick

Brunswick, Ohio
  • 251
    Activities in 2018
  • 6,857.1
    miles Run in 2018
  • 5884

Ke2Key Day 43

Run September 11, 2018
  • 57.5mi
  • 1,083ft
  • 9:43:52
    Moving Time
  • 10:09/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,516
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    Well done champ, amazing run , bravo

  2. Kelley Fejes
    Kelley Fejes

    Way to go Pete! Hope your feeling good 😉

  3. Anthony Ralph
    Anthony Ralph

    Totally amazing stuff. Watching from Australia. 👍

  4. Mackenzie Brown
    Mackenzie Brown

    Thanks for allowing us to run with you today Pete. It was amazing

  5. Christopher Bogue
    Christopher Bogue

    What a great day!!!! Thanks again Pete!

  6. Pete Kostelnick
    Pete Kostelnick

    Thanks Mackenzie Brown and Chris! Awesome day!

  7. Justin B.
    Justin B.

    You’re getting faster?!?

  8. Chaitanya Kotagiri
    Chaitanya Kotagiri

    Go Pete....

  9. Shane Keating
    Shane Keating

    You coming through central Minnesota?

  10. Dennene H.
    Dennene H.

    Amazing!! Great job Pete

  11. Pete Kostelnick
    Pete Kostelnick

    Shane Keating Southwest MN—share.garmin.com/peterkostelnick has the intended route (might need to tap “i” and “view desktop version”)

  12. Shane Keating
    Shane Keating

    Sweet, I’ll keep watching the progress, just might join you for a few miles in MN. Good luck!

  13. Pete Kostelnick
    Pete Kostelnick

    Shane Keating 👍

  14. Jake Orr
    Jake Orr

    Bruh, your flippin nuts man

  15. Sylvain Mina
    Sylvain Mina

    I discover you yesterday, by accident. I'm just so impressed. Also Happy Birthday !!

  16. Sam Heto
    Sam Heto

    Happy BD Pete ! awesome, simply awesome !

  17. Kirti Kapoor
    Kirti Kapoor

    Happy bday champ..u r awesome ..pls if u have some tym thn pls guide us also ..waiting fr ur reply..i personally want a guidance to improve myself.

  18. Greg Hackbart
    Greg Hackbart

    Have a great Birthday today Pete! Great work!!!

  19. Jean- Marc Pinard
    Jean- Marc Pinard

    Joyeux anniversaire from France!!! Yes you are awesome!!

  20. Bruno Dréan
    Bruno Dréan

    Bon anniversaire mec !

  21. Kyle Calder 🐴🍦
    Kyle Calder 🐴🍦

    You're a beast, dude!


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